Thursday, January 31, 2008

Hurry Up Spring!

Fall Fashion Week is coming up soon, but I'm getting excited about SPRING! It's all about the fun dresses and I found a bunch of reeeally cute ones! On another note, I went to Target the other day and they have bathing suits out! I was pleasantly surprised that I loved almost ALL of them! Anyway, bathing suit shopping will have to wait awhile, and for now i will get lost in fun dresses!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Fun Eats!

My computer is officially dead. It just turned off the other day and won't come back to me. It's like I've lost a close friend- one that stores all of my pictures, essays and websites. Needless to say, this sucks! Anyway, I'm coping and getting used to Joe's computer! I found this really funny website (well, more interesting than funny) this morning and wanted to share it.
It's just a funy way of looking at some of the things we eat!
I'm going to finish up some of my outfits for the fashion show today! It's very exciting because they are getting close to being done! I'll get some pictures at some point.
Sew time!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

27 Dresses!

Last night, i had a girlie date with my friend Laura! We went to see 27 Dresses! It's the CUTEST movie ever! And it's really funny too! I HIGHLY recommend it for girls, or for guys who want to get the girl! Katherine Heigl is sooo cute and the dresses are hilarious!

Anyway, after the movie we went for dinner to the Cheesecake Factory! It's one of my favourites because its this really weird mesh of styles on the inside (think aladdin goes to california with the family) and their menu is 18 pages! For dessert we decided to hit up Marble Slab where you can get about a million things mashed into your ice cream! sooo YUMMY! I wore my "biggest hoop earrings EVER" that Linds and Gage sent me in the mail. They were bigger than Laura's face!

Monday, January 7, 2008


This year is looking to be the best one yet! New Years eve was fun...we had a big family party and went to the beach to watch awesome fireworks! It's weird how just one day can be such a fresh start for so many people. I don't make resolutions because its just seems that if you want to change something, you have to start right away. waiting for the 'perfect' time to start changing just doesn't work! At least 2008 is a leap year so there's one extra day for fun! It must be really weird to have a birthday then...
Florida was sooo much fun! Lots of sun, volleyball, Christmas stuff, family fun, etc...I think Julian was the clear winner of the gingerbread house contest...Kryll and I for sure got the prize for most wacked out! We took our cousins to Hooters and to mini-golf for their Christmas present. That was pretty entertaining! We got to feed crocodiles to which was AWESOME! They are so cute, yet so ferocious! I miss the Florida sun and the beach, but at least it's pretty warm here today!
HAPPY 2008!


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