Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Fashion Fix

LOVE Anja Rubik, photographed by Mateusz Stankiewicz. She is stunning!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Yes, yes I do need more decorating inspiration pics! I'm thinking of re-doing our hot pink dining room. I just wanted it to be more FUSCHIA than hot pink...anyway, here are a few rooms I wish were in my house!
I have a whole camera full of pics to share, but unfortunately my little pupster chewed up my usb card reader...so they're stuck on there til I get a new one! Silly pup.
Yesterday, I fell down the stairs (with Joe and Ben watching :P) trying to stop the cat from running out the front door (don't worry, only a few patches of rug-burn and some big ugly bruises!). So much for saying that only an idiot could fall down those stairs...hehe. My animals are nuts, but I love them!

Hot Stuff

Here are some of my current obsessions and inspirations from my wedding-mania!
A petal-crazy walkway- I don't think I could actually walk on this though...it's just too pretty!
I looove this color combo...and the purple flower balls! Soooo fun!
This just looks like it would taste really good! (I need chocolate rehab. stat.)

Pimpin' bridesmaids dresses! (I'd pair it with a GIANT helmet made out of flowers though...yes, HELMET!!!)

I loooove this color combo too!!! Do I have to choose!?

This tooooooo!!!

Last but not least....Amsale Bijou...please can I have you?! How f-ing gorgeous is this dress!?! Ugh.

Pink Makeover

Hi Loveees!
Wow, it's been a busy few weeks! I've had some awesome visitors, taken some fun trips, tried on some more wedding dresses, watched my puppy get bigger every day, and buried myself in school projects! Oh, and some random projects as well! Val and I got our guest bathroom all ready for some PINK STRIPES!!! Here's the result, but don't judge yet, because it's not complete yet! I'm on the hunt for a chandelier and some fun accessories! Updates as soon as I'm done!


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