Monday, August 16, 2010


Dream Car

It is my goal to own my first car before I am 28. Yes, it's true. I've never had my own car! So sad! So when I do finally get one, I want it to be something I absolutely LOVE! Um, pink Mini?! YES PLEASE! Okay, so I probably won't be doing any super dope customizing just yet, but here's my little dream car. sigh...

Hope everyone's having an awesome Monday! You ever have those days that you just know are going to be so good? Well that's today for me! No reason- maybe just cause I'm so in love and so happy? (okay, feel free to vom now) But really, just stop and think how lucky we are to have the lives we even have time to read my silly blog- and I love you for that!

Sunday, August 1, 2010


Stella's Fall 2010 ad cute is this!?

Saturday Fun

Yesterday was such a loooong, but super fun, day! We got up BEFORE 7am to go to this huge rummage sale with our neighbours! It was full of fun treasures, and I picked up a few things. This was followed by coffee and delicious treats from our local (and AMAZING) bakery- which will probably make our wedding cakes too!
Next we went to the mall for a little fun. I found a white watch- something I've been wanting for awhile now! Actually, Joe was the one who found it and made me bring it home with us! I love that he will shop with me AND has such awesome taste *sigh*! hehe
Here it is!
After the mall I made another batch of DELISH cupcakes and we had some friends over for pizza and, yes, said cupcakes!
The day felt so long, because normally we don't get out of bed before 7am...on a saturday. Madness.
But, it was such a good one...maybe we'll do it more often!
Okay, probably not.
Have a fun Sunday everyone! I think we may be off to Ikea for some hot dogs and ice cream- and definitely some more cupcakes! :D

Cupcake Crazy

You may have heard already, but there is some serious cupcake madness going on in my house! for the last week, I have been averaging 4.3 cupcakes per day, and probably about 2 cups of icing, since that's my fave part! Yeah, not so good when I'm supposed to fit into my wedding dress in a month! eeek! I don't think the all-butter-and-sugar diet is recommended for brides...i'll let you know when I roll down the aisle! Anyway, here's a little peek into the goodness that's been going on!

My very first attempt at vanilla butttercream, to put on vanilla cupcakes! Unfortunately they were so good that I ate them all before I got pics! :(

Dark Chocolate Mint cupcakes with Mint Buttercream, topped with Andes mint crumbles

I had a little Project Runway Premiere party at my house, so I made these chocolate cupcakes with chocolate cream cheese buttercream. Joe's handsdown fave.

Up next are coconut cupcakes, and then I think banana...
Omg, I can't stop!
Happy Weekend Lovers!

Pink Pepper

Me and my pupster!
I finally got my dress in the mail...I saw this dress in NYC in May, but didn't want to pay $50. It's super-light jersey and pretty sheer. I found it online (on sale!) and decided it was time to get it! It's super long, which is a rare find, especially since it's Roxy, and their stuff tends to fit small and short.
Anyway, I LOVE it and it's super comfy! Perfect for making pickle and mustard sandwiches and chillin' with the animals and fiance!


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