Monday, March 31, 2008

Designer of the Week: Giles Deacon

It's been rainy and grey the past few days, so I've chosen a collection with few bright colours, but LOTS of texture. It's still very light and spring-y though! And I suppose these are the showers that will bring the flowers...

This purple's my looks like cotton candy! (I reeeally want to touch it!)

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Egg for 2!

Ahahhaaha! I just saw this picture on Aaron's blog and I just can't get over how large this egg is!!! I think this is from Heather and Aaron's trip to South America. I'm not sure why this I find this so funny...
PS. Heather, I miss you!


Here are some pictures from our trip to NYC!

Anna and Eugenie at the top of Rockefeller Center-with a sweet view of Central Park!

Our nice dinner at Bluewater Grille

Sporting our NY shirts in Central Park!

My place! well, no but it was just down the street from the hostel!

I took Small Monkey on a early morning walk in Central Park and he insisted I take this pic.

Our stop at Sephora. This picture doesn't quite do it justice because in real life our make-up was MUCH brighter! A little scary even.

Anna and I were ridiculously excited to run into this place! Too bad it was closed!

Carrie's House! (We're on the Sex and the City tour)

Mulberry....mmm they look like candy!

SATC tour- inside Scout (but that's not its real name)

Hanging out by the Plaza Hotel

Inside Rockefeller Center with a nice view of Radio City

Hanging out!

Up top again!

Anna and me!

Times Square-it was chilly!

Outside our hostel- which resembled an oversize London telephone booth!

Wow, there was a lot to look at!

In a yummy chutney place for lunch!

Reunion after 3 years! (me and Vicki- my Australian friend who I met in Sweden!)

Museum of Natural History. We were scared of this guy...

Mall Hopping

I was checking out the "mall stores" online and found some really cute (and very affordable!) things! It doesn't feel much like spring here today, which is weird because yesterday it was 80! Today is about 50 so I'm hiding out inside! I was going to do some gardening but that might just have to wait...

brown or black gladiators $129.00
red safari shirt dress $22.99 (throw a belt on it and it will be perfect!)
And a bag to $34.50

bright yellow summer cardi $64.00
throw it over this grey dress $39.50


awesome leather wrap watch $95.00
flutter sleeve white dress
old 29.50

Agate necklace $38.00

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

XOXO Gossip Girl

Who doesn't love a little Gossip Girl!? Admit it, you LOVE it! Serena, Blair and Jenny have the best styles! If only someone would let me into that costume room!

PS. It's back April 21st!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Sail Away


Street Chic



Lindsay is one damn sexy career woman! Although she doesn't wear much, what she does wear makes her one classy babe! Her coworkers are always coming by to '"use the stapler". The other women at the office hate her because they will never be as young, fit or as hot as she is. Don't be mislead by appearances though. She is one tough business woman. And when you drop by her office, make sure you bring her a delicious hot mocha to make her day!


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