Friday, December 21, 2007

I heart LV

I'm sooo excited to see all of Louis Vuitton's Spring 2008 ad campaign! They are so colourful and super fun. Not to mention they feature some of the hottest supermodels EVER! Stephanie Seymour, Eva Herzigova, Naomi Campbell, Claudia Schiffer, Angela Lindvall and Natalia Vodianova are the beauties in the campaign. I like to see that supermodels are being used again as opposed to actresses...that was getting a little old. That's why we have supermodels isn't it!? Donna Karan is also going the supermodel route with Kate Moss, as is Valentino with Raquel Zimmerman, Anja Rubik, Shalom Harlow and Amber Valetta (I heart her!). Anyway, the LV ads are BEAUTIFUL! Cars, colours and beautiful women! What more could you ask for! Here's a little preview...ohhhhhh how sweet!

Kitchen Help!

Since I'm such a terrible cook, I'm always looking for ways to make things a little easier! This would be a fun gadget to have! It looks like it could make the perfect fried egg sandwich! I wonder if it comes in different colours...

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

6 days 'til Christmas!

I went to the mall today, after swearing off malls at Christmas time! I went early in the morning so it was still pretty empty, but I wanted to get through shopping as soon as possible. Of course, they didn't have the book I was looking for at the bookstore and I didn't find anything close to what I was looking for for Julian! But, all was well when I found this shirt with the periodic table on it! Sometimes its hard to restrain the nerd inside me... I didn't buy the shirt, but it definitely made my day! I'm sooo excited to see the fam in 3 days when they drive down here to get me!
I cleaned up the office/sewing room today too! i got rid of sooo much garbage! Not much can top the feeling of decluttering your life! Well, maybe lots can, but it does feel soooo good! Gossip Girl is on soon and I will totally admit that I am addicted! Okay, I have to go get the environment ready...

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Tank Girl

Today Aaron is going to borrow my Tank Girl DVD! I am making him watch it because it is one of my favourites! Lori Petty is sooo cool! If anyone's still looking for a good Christmas present, I definitely recommend this movie. The soundtrack is pretty awesome too!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Walk the Talk

Since I've been obsessing over shoes lately (not something I usually do since I'm a giant with giant feet!) I thought I'd put up some more pics. These first ones, Vivienne Westwoods, I think I am in love with the socks even more than the shoes! The shiny Louboutins I've seen in sooo many colours! They look like candy! Anyway, how cool would it be to wear either of them...okay, back to studying!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

New Sneaks to be!

I have always had a (strange) habit of buying things I thought were really ugly. It really had to be that particular kind of ugly that made me laugh all day when I wore whatever it was. When I first saw high heel sneakers, I was laughing. I thought for sure that those were just waaaay too ugly, even for me! But, yes, I have fallen in love with this SUPER FUN pair! Now all I have to do is choose the colour!
Here they are...let me know which ones you like better! Ahhh! how much fun are they?!(hehehe...they have the cutest velvet laces!)

Super Shades!

I just got this AWESOME pair of Vivienne Westwood sunglasses! They are purple and sweeeet! It was very cloudy today but I wore them anyway...
I almost got these super fun Prada leg warmer leggings but I decided to wait until they go on sale! They were sooo warm and I didn't want to take them off! I wanted to be snowboarding as soon as I put them on!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

I Miss Anna

Eeeek! How much fun would it be to wear these YSL shoes! They remind me of the days when Anna and I would wear stars on our faces...We were definitely clothes obsessed from the early days and lots of people wondered if we would ever be normal! hehehe...not yet! Anna's half way through med school- she's one of the smartest people I know! One of the funnest too! We don't get to see each other a lot but when we do, its like no time has passed! Maybe it's a mermaid thing...

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Blast from the past

Aaron and I were talking about some of our favourite cities in Europe and Stockholm came up. That is definitely one of the coolest cities I've ever been to! That was when Julian came to visit and we travelled around a bit. It was so much fun travelling with him! I found my journal entry from that trip and it made me laugh so hard! So here it is!

Thursday April 7, 2005.

Julian and I are on the super-fast train to Stockholm! We'll be there in 39 minutes (because Swedish trains are ridiculously punctual!) Julian arrived on Saturday and after explaining to me that he has no health insurance, has begun to experience every possible sickness.
(I did an interview with him, so this is our conversation)

C: Julian, how do you feel right now?
J: Gah...I wanna, wait, I am dying
C: Ok, what are your thoughts on Sweden then?
J: It's not Hungary! (this is where was living at the time)
(I think he means that the toilets on the train flush here, the people actually don't mind helping you, people speak english, it's very cute)
C: So Julian, what about the girls?
J: I wouldn't know, I haven't seen any yet! I've been sick! Also having too much fun with my sister because she is so cool! (okay, fine, I added that part!)
Julian is no longer feeling well enough to answer my questions, so I will make a list of all of the ailments he has experienced thus far!
1. fever (chills,sweats...cause unknown, but possibly day at the beach)
2. diarrhea (gross! result of Kabob consumption without alcohol- in Hungary, of course)
3. nasal/sinus congestion (result of general malaise)
4. sore throat (why not, he's had pretty much everything else!)
I am just hoping there won't be any throwing up involved because that would be just weird! Hahaha, Julian just said " Ahhhh, I'm delerious!

Hahaha so that was over 2 years ago... the point of all this was to talk about the cool hostel we stayed at that night- on a BOAT!!! plus there was the option of paper sheets...

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Early Christmas!

I cheated a little and opened my Christmas present from Joe's dad! I am IN LOOVE with it! He got me 2 books- one is Diana Vreeland's biography and the other is a BEAUTIFUL book of fashion photography compiled by Vreeland.
I am SOOOO excited to read/look at both!!!
I will start as soon as I finish designing the family room for my parents! I'm so excited about that too! (more about that later!) Good thing exams are almost done so I can focus on doing all the fun things I couldn't do during school!

more cheeeese!

While on the subject of cheese, check out this funny doorstop! ahahaha...SO CUTE!

Monday, December 10, 2007

A very cheesey Christmas!

Ahahaha a piece of cheese! But wait, it's actually a sponge!
hehehe...i have the perfect person to give this to for Christmas!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

wallpaper me

I want to have one room where EVERYTHING is this fabric! The walls, the couches, the curtains, pillows and rugs! Plus, I would have an outfit our of this fabric too and wear it in there! would be soooo FUN!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

cars, cars, cars

Joe and I are in Charleston for a bit! We just got back from the Performance Racing Industry show in Orlando! Ahhh i LOOOVE Florida! The show was pretty cool, even though I didn't know what a lot of stuff was! We talked to tons of people about the car, so hopefully something will come out of that! Now it's time to study for my three exams on Monday...

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Splinter news!

This is the engine that Joe built for the Splinter! It's CRAZY!

Heart These

Okay, I said I'd post some of Galliano's stuff, so here are some pretties! (These are from Fall 2007 and Spring 2008, maybe one thing from Spring 2007)

my bitches!

AHAHAHAA I'm still laughing my head off at this thing Lindsay sent me today! It is probably one of the funniest things I have ever seen! So i modified it a are my girls!

This summer they came down here to visit and we went camping in NC and SC. It just happened to be the hottest week EVER! It' s not like camping in Canada, where it cools down a lot at night. The temperature got up to 120 F (that's 50 Celsius!!!) and we were DYING!!! It's weird because it's hard to remember no that feeling of being so incredibly hot for such a prolonged period of time. We tried playing cards in the tent one night (the bugs were bad so we couldn't sleep outside!) and no one could breathe! So we just lay there in our undies...
Best week ever!!!
I miss them!
Lindsay is hilarious! Since I couldn't put all 5 of us, here's a tribute to the cool car...

The Chimp is smarter than me!

I think the banana bread is the perfect segue into today's story! Not that I ever had any doubt that animals are smarter than humans, but here's some proof! This video is so cool! Katie might be able to use this in a class project! I wonder if the human being slower has something to do with not getting the peanut prize at the end of each round...

Monday, December 3, 2007

Go Bananas!

To preface this post, I have to say that I am a REEEAALLY bad cook/baker!

Yesterday, I made the BEST banana bread ever! I don't know how, but it turned out so yummy! I think it was the recipe I used, combined with a few alterations and additions. (I think this is my biggest downfall- I can NEVER follow a recipe. I always have to change something. No matter how hard I try not to!) So I'll put the recipe here and maybe inspire someone else to make the best banana bread EVER! heheee

1 1/2 C flour (I used half white flour and half whole wheat)
1t baking soda
1t baking powder
1/4t salt
3/4C chocolate chips (I used about a cup and a half- make sure they are milk chocolate!)
3/4C walnuts (or any nuts!)

1/2C butter
1C sugar (I used brown because its sooo much tastier!)
2 eggs
1C mashed bananas (ok, I think this is where the secret lies...I used about 2 1/2 cups!)
TONS of cinammon and vanilla extract!

The short version of the recipe that I made up is:
1. Mix dry stuff
2. Mix wet stuff
3. Bake for 1 hour at 350 degrees C! (time varies depending on pan you use!)

(I got the recipe from this guy)

Sunday, December 2, 2007

More PINK!

Okay, just one more thing before I get back to work! So when I put up the picture of Cameron Diaz, I remembered another dress she wore (to the Shrek premiere) that I am totally in LOVE with! Of course, it's Chanel! (it has POCKETS! hehheee) Soooo cute!

I Heart Galliano

I can't believe its December already! I got my new Vogue yesterday and I'm soooo excited to read it but I have to finish my contemporary design project first! It's one of the funnest projects I've ever had to do! Joe's working on the car today and I'm being distracted by John Galliano and his extreme awesomeness! He is a GENIUS and I am in LOVE with him! I will show you why...

You really don't get cooler than this!

I've been trying to find a picture of this dress I saw in my new Vogue (fine, i peeked!) that i would like to wear for Christmas (in my dreams!).
I'll keep looking...
One of my favourite dresses was worn by Cameron Diaz (one of my favourite actresses!) to the Costume Institue Gala...everything about the dress and her accessories was perfect! Here it is!

Ahhh the colour is amazing!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Collecting was fun!

I was going to post a picture of Joe's toenail (which came off when I tripped over his foot), but Julia and Aaron have told me this is not a good idea. I keep it in a jar of Polish jam on the windowsill in the kitchen. (I was just saving it to show my friends when they came to visit, but now I keep it around just in case. I have always been a collector, but lately I've gotten rid of a lot of stuff to de-clutter my life. Here are things that I have collected in the past:
1. Absolut ads (still have them, but i got rid of the doubles!)
2. food boxes- cereal, candy, granola bars, etc. (my grandma made me throw out this collection when it took over my room from floor to ceiling)
3. sharpenings from Yikes pencils (remember those?!)
4. crazy knee high socks! still have lots of those (I even had a chinese supplier)
5. subway and bus transfers
6. bus numbers (possibley my strangest and most OCD collection)
7. blank notebooks (shared this one with kryll)
8. frogs- anything frog
9. the weather section from the Toronto Star (it was so pretty?)

This is all I can remember for now...I had forgotten about some of these! Anyway, hopefully I won't add any toes to my collection, but maybe someday I will make toenail soup! (probably if we ever have mean guests...)


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