Friday, July 31, 2009

Two Thumbs Up...

More, if I had more thumbs!
Our date night was SO much fun! The movie was REALLY good! I highly recommend it! And also, not just for girls- there's enough guy humor in there to make it a perfect balance for everyone. It really is the funniest, cutest movie I've seen in a long time! Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler were both perfect in their roles and they had good chemistry too! So, go see it and let me know if you agree!
For dinner we went to one of my fave places- the Yellow Cup Cafe. It's one of those places where the location kinda sucks (in this teeny strip mall) and it's small, but the menu is EXTENSIVE and DELICIOUS!!! You can definitely find something, no matter what you're craving! (I had meant to take pics of our food, but by the time I remembered, it was gone! I guess it's better this way- I wouldn't want you to drool all over the keyboard:) hehe)
Before the movie, we stopped at my FAVE place- Bulk Barn! for some snacks. This place is AMAZING! It looks slightly ghetto, but you can get pretty much ANYTHING in bulk- including perfect movie treats! Also has baking supplies, grains, soup bases...really, everything! My friends and I even took cake decorating classes there a few years ago. If you live in Canada, go. If not, it's a good enough reason to visit!:) HAPPY FRIDAY LOVERS! Happy LONG weekend (to some of you!)
We're celebrating my friend's birthday tonight (so excited for a GLAM night out!) and then I'm off to the cottage to hang out with my bro and the rest of the fam!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Good Girl Fun!

It's been pretty rainy in Toronto for the last few days, and this makes it an even more perfect occasion for a date with my BFF to see The Ugly Truth! I'm so excited because it looks SO CUTE and I love Katherine Heigl- Gerard Butler isn't bad either :)
Has anyone seen it yet?!
I'm also taking her to one of my favourite eateries in Toronto- which I can't disclose 'til later because it's a SURPRISE! (hehehe...not a big one, K, but very cute! See you SOON!)
Have a fun day everyone!

Danger: This will make you want to decorate

As my BF and I search for our dream house, I tend to fantasize more about the decorating end of things...I can spend hours and hours checking out interior design sites, imagining all the fun that can be done with a new, empty house! I LOVE colour, but I also love the minimalist-white look. I think the house will just be slightly crazy, with every room being a different style, them and mood. Gotta keep it interesting, right?! I'm also obsessed with wallpaper which I know can be a big pain, but there are just so many incredible colours and patterns. I still want a candy-shop-esque kitchen...but I'm afraid I would just eat all the candy (my BF says it would be impossible for me not too :( haha) Anyone have any favourite colour schemes, styles or obsessions!?

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Innocent Little Bow

There's something so utterly feminine about bows that i absolutely love. They can be worn anywhere on the body and just add that finishing feminine touch! I hope these pics inspire you to feel super girly, because sometimes, there's nothing more powerful than a little bow!


I'm definitely Team Blair! Gossip Girl starts September 14th- yes, this show is definitely my guilty pleasure- maybe even not so guilty. I'm obsessed. The fashion, the drama, Chuck... Chuck and Blair. I hope Season 3 isn't a letdown (I've heard rumors that the fashion choices are sliping- nooo!)
What team are you on?!

Fun and Sassy

Lily Allen for Chanel Handbags

She looks adorable in the Holly Golightly-esque pics, shot by Lagerfeld himself. Some people had doubts about her pulling off this campaign, but I think she looks so natural and chic! I'm not the biggest fan of the poofy bag (it sort of looks like it could expand into a sleeping bag), though I'm sure it would make a nice, warm carrier for a puppy!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Put On Your Dancing Shoes

After a crazy rainstorm ruined our vintage shopping plans yesterday, my BFF and I ended up in a downtown mini-heaven (a mall!) where I scored some new Coach wedges! Of course, when we walked outside, the sky had cleared and the sun was shining...isn't that what always happens when you shop?! haha. Anyway, we had the most perfect homemade dinner (pad thai- my fave!) at her bro's place and then prepared for a looooong night of dancing! Really, the perfect Saturday...

Friday, July 24, 2009

I had these on my feet...

when I was in Vegas...and I wanted them SO BADLY! They were one size too small, but on sale- for a mere $275! Yes, I think they would have come home with me, had I been fortunate to have that amount in my pocket! Anyway, I've been lusting after these shoes for a few months now. The sales lady told me that they didn't make them in my size, but if I had been a few weeks earlier she would have called Italy and ordered me a special pair. Well, that would have been nice, but I guess I'm just drool over the pics for now! Enjoy!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sweet Tooth

I didn't grow up knowing what kind of wedding I would have...what my dress would look like or what my colours would be. I'm not getting married (yet!), nor am I even engaged (hopefully soon! hehe) but the one thing I do know is that I want a CANDY BUFFET!
I think weddings are all about the personality of the couple, so how can you really plan it before you meet 'the one'?! Now I always knew the guy I'd want to marry would be a dessert guy! Actually, it's more of a prerequisite. Yes, here it deep dark secret. I once broke up with a guy because he didn't like dessert. There, I said it. But really?! Especially as a girl, how fun is it to pig out on dessert while your BF stares at you strangely? NOT fun at all! haha. Dessert is for sharing, people! So yes, my BF loves dessert and there will be a giant candy buffet. Whenever the wedding happens!
so in love and patiently waiting... (wow, could I get any more cheesy tonight!? sleep well, lovers!)

Monday, July 20, 2009

Coffee or Tea?

Still camera-less! relying on the compy-cam! I finally got to wear my Marc Jacobs dress last week (also took it to Vegas, where I also left it! Yikes! No worries though, my amaxing BF saved it!)! I LOOOVE it so much- makes me feel like a flight attendant! Also sporting my new can't see them well but there are some brownish lowlights!
I'm in the last week of my internship- it's been incredible and I've learned sew (ahahaha) much! I can't wait to get back to studio and make some of my own stuff! Only a few more days in Canada and then it's back to the US!
Alright, night gorgeouses! Hope tomorrow is even more fun than today!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Back to the Real World

Hi Peeps!
Okay, so I'm back from Vegas! It's a CRAZY place, and SO much fun! We stayed at Planet Hollywood- perfect location in the middle of everything- I would really recommend it! I don't have pics yet, but I'll post them soon! I managed to do a little bit of shopping and A LOT of drooling over beautiful things I couldn't afford. There are a ridiculous number of high-end designer stores- I think I saw like 5 Chanel's! Overkill, one might think, but hey, it is Vegas afterall!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Vegas Bound!

Today is my only day of work this week before I head to VEGAS tomorrow!!! I"M SO excited! Haven't packed yet, because I was up north for the weekend, so I'm sure tonight will be a mad scramble to get everything ready! Outfit planning!!! hehehehe

I have a small update about one of my beauty product samples...I tried the Ole Henrikson Walnut Complexion Scrub, and I have to say, although I like the smell, it feels like it is cutting my face a million times over! The grains in it are SO sharp! Now, I do have very sensitive skin, but I have also heard that sharp mirco-grains leave tiny cuts all over your skin- no matter what type you have. NOT good. I will not be using this scrub on my face anymore, but I would use it to exfoliate maybe my legs and feet! So unless you have extrememly rough and tough skin, I really wouldn't recommend it for the face!

Here's a mini-pic of my silk and feathered skirt that I'm dying to get in Vegas!!! Happy Monday Everyone! xxx

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Beauty Buys

Sadly, I can spend hours and hours on reading about (quite possibly useless!) products! Who doesn't want to believe that this cream will get rid of cellulite, and this one will give you glowing, blemish-free skin?! My favourite part- also the one that sucked 5 hours out of my day on last weekend- is reading the customer reviews! There are thousands of them! Some are more funny that helpful, but they are pretty interesting. Here are a few products I was considering and will hopefully pick up some samples when Katie and I go SHOPPING tonight! Can't wait!!!
Eye cream with SPF? sounds good...

'Enzymes' gets me every time! But I do want a nice mask...and these products are all natural!

Walnut Scrub. Might be too harsh for my super-sensitive skin, but also natural! This brand has tons of good reviews. Plus pretty little jars- the packaging gets me all the time!
Also considering the sephora palette with the TONS of's pretty cheap and would be fun to experiment!
What are your fave beauty products- and do you think they realy work!?

Monday, July 6, 2009

Cool Chloe

In the June issue of ELLE, I totally fell in love with Chloe Sevigny all over again. She's one of those style icons that is forever cool without looking like she ever tries too hard. Or ever tries at all. She is just stunning and such a natural beauty! Here are a few pics from issue. PS. I am in LOVE with the navy jumpsuit with pink sash. Perfect.

Old School

Ugh, my camera is dead. I'm smart and left the charger in NC. Anyway, so here's an attempt at using my compycam. Went out on Saturday night to 2 different friends places and walked waaaay too far in 5.5 inch heels! Yes, they do make me 6'6. Ridiculous. It was such a fun night, but I definitely needed it to be longer! I'm going to get my hair cut tomorrow and I'm not sure if I should get bangs, some brown chunks, layers...maybe all three! I'm trying to grow my hair but it gets to a certain length and starts falling out- ie. NOW! sucky. So, any suggestions?! I need heeeelp!

wearing: romper- made by me. scarf- elsa sciaparelli (an amazing present from my aunt!)

Sunday, July 5, 2009


Strangely loving Chris Daughtry's cover of Lady Gaga's Pokerface!
Sweet Dreams!

Hollywood Pinups

In every issue of Vanity Fair, there's a pin-up-style photo of an up and coming actress. I'm a huge fan of 50's pinups and these recreations are so cute! Here are a few of my faves- you can see lots more here!

Isla Fisher

Freida Pinto

Hayden Panettiere

Kristen Bell

Emily Blunt


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