Thursday, June 30, 2011


They're here! And Kate changed on the plane...The dress is Erdem, and though based in London, the designer is Canadian (again!). Is this going to be a trend for the rest of the visit? I guess it would be kinda cool, since there really aren't that many super huge Canadian labels...
Almost Friday, dolls! I hope everyone's ready for an AWESOME holiday weekend- In the US and Canada! woop wooop!

Princess in America

Kate Middleton, en route to Canada! Wearing a Smythe (Canadian label- how appropriate) jacket, Mulberry bag. She's so freakin' pretty! Anyone up north planning on a princess sighting!?
Let's see how many Canadian designers she sneaks in there. Thanks, Michelle Obama followers, for making fashion choices super political!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Blue Sky, Blue Water

Morning Dolls!
After my few days in Florida and Charleston, I'm SO ready to move to the beach! One thing I've known my whole life is that I need to live near the water. Well, this might just be my dream house- and I'm totally willing to relocate to New Zealand! Talk about indoor-outdoor living...Who's coming with me?!
Hope everyone has an awesome Wednesday!


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Gingham Girl

We're getting ready to go to Charleston for the weekend and this gingham bikini would be the perfect addition to my beach wardrobe! I could probably use her hair and body too...
(Marloes Horst for Seafolly Campaign, via Fashiongonerogue)

And then I def need to get the matching Louboutins, right?! Ummm..yes, please!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Spring Fresh

Nail polish is the perfect accessory to freshen up a look without dropping a ton of cash. Revlon 'Minted' is my new fave! It's totally acts like a neutral and goes with everything, but is still something fun and different. I highly recommend it for anyone in a polish rut, or just looking for a new shade.

Ugh. Love.

I would wear this everyday!

The Week Ahead...

This is going to be a busy week, but also and exciting one! Here's what I need/want to get done!

Celebrate my husband's birthday tonight! He's the most incredible, fun, hilarious, coolest person I've ever met and I feel so lucky to be able to share my life with him! :D

Get packed for our 4th of July weekend trip! YAY! more details to follow...

Get ORGANIZED! I'm forever trying to get the house looking (and staying!) awesome...but sometimes, it's just so hard! (I have no idea how people with kids do it!)

Read this book that my neighbor lent me! It's narrated by the DOG! I'm very excited, and will let you know how it is!

Take a few minutes to enjoy the GORGEOUS weather...maybe some lemonade on the porch...

Hope everyone has an awesome Monday! Ohh and Bachelorette tonight...I def need my dose of quality television! And excited to never have to hear about Bentley again! haha

Friday, June 17, 2011

Beach Time!

I'm SO excited for my little weekend getaway! I'm heading to Florida with my brother, sister cousin, and a few friends! I've been going a bit nuts lately, trying to figure out what to do with my life- career related- so it'll be awesome to get some sun and refresh my brain...or just turn it off for a bit! Here's what I'm looking forward to when we get there...

The BEST Ceasars (for all my Americans who might not know- A Ceasar is a Bloody Mary made with Clamato juice- SO much better!) ever! Thanks to some good coaching by Neil last year, I think I'm up for the challenge!

Getting some (LOTS!) of sun on this pasty bod! I will try to not to burn!

A little shopping! Enough said...

Some fun beach volleyball! (can I come home with this bod, too?!) :P

Just hanging with my bro and sis and friends like old times. I'm just so excited to have some time with the people I love, because living so far away from the rest of my fam gets hard sometimes!

See you soon! I'll be sending you all lots of sunshine!!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I want to lay like this forever

Vogue Japan, July 2011
Carola Remer photographed by Raymond Meier


Monday, June 13, 2011

Cooking Pretty

I'm dying to give our kitchen a TOTAL makeover, but unfortunately, it's just going to have to wait a little bit. For now, I'm on a mission to find lots of fun accessories and gadgets that will spice it up a little! Enjoy, and happy Monday! I hope this week is awesome for everyone!

How clever is this little creamer!?

This is just too funny! It would be a fun trick to play on the hubs (and kiddies if you've got 'em!)

Animal shaped sandwich? Yes please! PBJ's are definitely a staple in our house, so these would be perfect for a little mealtime fun!

How pretty...and they'd go perfectly with my giant wood salad bowl!

I'm definitely a typography nerd, so I'd love this hanging on the wall!

I've been thinking about pimping out my mixer...this one's sooo pretty! Such an art piece.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Tough Cookie

I'm kinda excited about my new wedges! They are not super high, and so soft and comfortable! What more could you ask from a mean looking shoe?!
It's going to be a super chill Sunday. My friend Jaime is visiting, so we'll probably go for a long brunch and just hang out! Hope y'all have a GORGEOUS day!!! xo

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Little Lady Love

Jill Stuart, Resort 2012


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