Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What's black, white, and found in a barn?

The Chanel Spring 2010 Fashion Show, of course! What else would I be talking about?!
I actually like this collection more than any Chanel one I have seen in a long time! It's fresh and fun, full of lace, tulle, ruffles and sweet volume. Not a fan of the clog-y footwear, but it did suit the venue. The only thing that would have made this show better would be some well dressed chickens, sheep, and cows on the runway!
(PS- definitely need the first dress for my wedding after party!) I'm always a huge fan of white for spring, and there was definitely a fabulous lot of it. Thanks Karl!

Beauty Review

NARS Sin/Casino Duo
I am in LOVE with this Blush/Bronzer duo! I've been using the uberpopular Orgasm/Laguna for awhile (which I also love!) but wanted to try something different and more fall/winter-ish. Sin is a mauve-pink color with slight gold shimmer that I thought might be too dark for my fair skin, but I use just a teeny bit and the color is perfect! Casino is a bit darker than Laguna and less orangy (which i really like)- perfect for a little contouring! I would definitely recommend this for anyone- even if you have fair skin- don't be scared! It's soooo pretty and it will last forever!

Morning Lounging

Wouldn't it be sweet to look like this, lounging around your house!? Have a beautiful day everyone!

Maryna Linchuk photographed by Tom Munro

via fashiongonerogue

Sunday, October 25, 2009

black white and lips

Love this makeup! Conveniently, just picked up a lipstick in this color a few days ago so will be trying out this look very soon!
Hope everyone's weekend was FUN. So much work, so back to it for me! xxx

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Best Food Ever

It was 8:52 pm last night, and the BF and I were driving home from the mall where we watched an fashion show. We were both so hungry and immediately thought of IKEA. I guess I probably haven't mentioned this before, but a new IKEA opened up pretty close to us and we go there a lot- to EAT (well, sometimes we work up an appetite by walking through the place)! If you live close to an IKEA, and want to get the most inexpensive (50cent hot dogs, people!), most delicious meal ever, seriously, GO THERE (we hang out in the 'bistro'- the snack bar by the exit)!
So back to last night...IKEA is about 10 miles away. I call our friend Aaron to see what time it closes, and he tells me what I was afraid of...9pm. Uh oh...But we bet we can still make it, so we book it down the highway (safely, of course!). We make it there at 9:02, and sneak in- GREAT SUCCESS!!! 5 hotdogs, 1 bag of chips, 1 pop, 1 ice cream, and 1 cinnamon bun later, we are way too excited about making it! Hahaha so nerdy! What do normal people do on Friday nights!?

Monday, October 19, 2009

Workin' It

This weekend, I got to be a part of the fashion show at the Rock and Shop Market in Durham! It was so much fun and I met lots of cool people! It was pretty last minute, so I didn't have time to make anything new. These pieces are from past shows and collections I've done. Here are a few backstage pics with my HOT models!
Oh and a BIG shoutout to Shea and her girls at the Garden Salon in Durham for doing the AMAZING hair and makeup! If you're ever in Durham, you NEED to go there! They are awesome! (The salon is so GORGEOUS too- amazing pink with funky wallpaper and chandeliers. LOVE IT!) Thanks Shea!


Kendal and Nina

Carina, Brandy and Julie


Me with my models! Thanks hotties!

Busy week ahead (as seems to be the usual these days!) I hope everyone has FAB week, full of sunshine and excitement! Back to the books!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Serious Horsepower

Absolutely in LOVE with this editorial- anything with cars (must have something to do with my car designer bf:) and fashion! heart heart heart. It is sooooo cute and FUN! Okay, you get it. haha Delicious!

images via fashiongonerogue

Are you a 'Twi-hard'?

Kristen Stewart on the November cover of Allure (on newsstands Oct. 20th).
Doesn't she look gorgeous?! I love her makeup.
PS. Who's excited for NEW MOON!?! I made the BF watch Twilight in's go time.

Friday, October 9, 2009

3 Treasures

This Make Up Forever HD Powder is A- MAZing! You put it on last to set your makeup and it just leaves such a smooth finish- seriously sweet! It's pure silica and although the powder is white, it just disappears when you put it on! Plus, you only need a tiny bit (just throw it on with a big fluffy brush!) so it'll last forever!

MAC lipstick in Pink Nouveau- such a BRIGHT pink- LOVE BF says it makes me look Eastern (European)- and it does! (But I am, so just rockin' it! haha)
I wanted a more neutral (me? neutral? yes, trying to tone it down a bit!) palette and I fell in love with this Urban Decay one...okay, so there are GIANT chunks of glitter in 4 of the colors (you can't really see in the pic) and 3 have small glitter. So the colors may be more neutral but the glitter is out there! (okay, so I guess not so much with the toning it down...I'll try harder next time!)
The BF and I were looking at diamond rings (EEEK!) the other day and the saleslady was saying how is just the nature of women to be attracted to sparkly one knows why! And it's so true!
Also, HAPPY THANKSGIVING to everyone back in Canada! I will miss going up north and seeing the fam, all the beautiful fall colors, the lake...
BUT, no complaints because we're going to Charleston for the weekend and I'm bringing my dollface friend Jaime- SO EXCITED!!! Plus it's supposed to be HOT and SUNNY!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Bird Lady

Went to Dixie Classic Fair last night! Deep fried oreos anyone?! haha they are de-LISH!
I fed some goats and camels and went to the bird barn- was hoping to see some ducks, but there were none to be found!
I did see some crazy chickens with feathered feet- some good inspiration for the runways right there! I wish i had my camera, but it was one of those random trips, so no chance to prepare! Have a fun Wednesday and hopefully there's sunshine wherever you are!!!

source: fashiongonerogue

Saturday, October 3, 2009


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