Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Fashion Cat

I was just talking to my bestie, and she told me about a cute radio program that she heard on CBC this morning, all about fashion blogging and "what I wore" sites. Listen to it HERE!!!
(it's in the second segment, after the 'corrupted files are the new dog-ate-my-homework' part)

Pouncer is really into fashion mags and blogging also.

Travel Time!

I'm SO excited because tomorrow I fly home (my other one) to Charlotte!!! It's the BF's birthday and we're going to party! I'm also super excited to see my silly CAT (see above)!!!! ahahahaha Okay, well I have a lot of packing/ outfit planning to do- I'm really going to make an effort to pack light, which you think would be easy since I left half my clothes there...

Here's me yesterday...going to tired... BUT I went out with my "sista" and we had a few drinks on a roof top patio downtown and then went to see The Proposal- so cute and I have a new love for Ryan Reynolds...
Jacket- BCBG...getting some good wear these days! It's just so bright and classes me up a little!
shorts- Old Navy and shiny!
top- French Connection
owl necklace- Charlotte Russe

Can you tell I'm sooo in LOVE!!! hehehe so bf likes to make fun of me because I'm such a goof- but I tell him it's just part of my charm! haha. (Please notice that I'm holding REAL FRUIT GUMMIES- the best things ever (especially refridgerated! I plan on filling my bag and exporting them to America!) top- F21, shorts- Wet Seal, glasses- Prada, Gummies- Shoppers Drug Mart

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Country Clubbin'

Yes, another gratuitous outfit post! Last night was my aunt's birthday so we went to the golf club to celebrate! I had a delicious peanut chicken salad with pears, walnuts and a strange new cheese that I had not heard of and now forget! Also some calamari, roti, and sweet potato fries! Oh and a white wine that was surprisingly delicious! Yup, guess I was hungry! It was lots of fun- and a little nuts, as usual with the fam!

tee & shoes- target
pants- express (you can see it well, but there's a super cute bow at the waist!)
bag- bebe
earrings- betsey johnson
present- for me!

Work Mode!

Yesterday was very exciting at my internship because we are starting on the new Spring (of next year) collection! I'm loving it there SO much!
It was super hot out too...

dress- Free People
tights- Macy's

Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day Brunch

Well, not the brunch, but the outfit...

dress- theory
jacket- BCBG
bag- bebe
necklace- H&M

Please don't mind the giant bruise on my leg (it's slowly fading!)- and yes, I did walk into a pole while I was just walking...I know, I'm 'special'.


SO happy to say that yesterday was also the start of SUMMER! Time to hit the BEACH, people! It's finally warmed up in Toronto too (about freakin' time!) and now we can get out our summer stuff for REAL! I know it's Monday, and we're all headed to work, but here are a few inspiration pics, to get you thinking, dreaming, planning the days and weekends off! No Monday blues's SUMMERTIME and it's running through your veins!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Eye Candy Spectacular!

There is something for every vacation activity in Lanvin's Resort '10 collection from daytime jumpsuits and sneaks, to flamenco gowns- and I would definitely love to have ALL of it! I love the neutrals with pops of bright colours, and the monochromatic outfits, the ruffles and bobbles everywhere...I tried to pick just my faves, but most of the collection ended up here! The lookbook is adorable...the black and white background makes the clothes pop like crazy. For the destination bride, the dresses are amazing....hmmmm! And if you're travelling with your BFF's, try a little colour coordinating!!! LOVE.....Alber always knows what the ladies want!

Monday, June 15, 2009


I'm so in LOVE with Stella McCartney's Resort'10 collection! She's definitely got her groove in here- there are so many perfect pieces that are fun and super sexy. Still loving the jumpsuits...obv! I just can't get enough! The other night on the street, (right before I walked right into a pole and got a sweet pancake size bruise on my leg! yup, walk much?) I ran into this girl wearing a cream colored parachute suit that was AMAZING! Of course she was Asian- they look amazing in EVERYTHING! Okay, I'm TOTALLY in shopping withdrawl... HELP!
Just going to dream about this Resort 2010...
Night Lovers!

Friday, June 12, 2009

8 Things...

Tagged by the lovely are today's musings!

8 Things I'm looking forward to:
1. Seeing my BF as soon as possible! (it's been a month and I'm NOT happy about it!)
2. Finishing my internships and getting on with designing.
3. Making this blog even cooler.
4. Going to Vegas with the BF.
5. Being happy with my body.
6. Having a career (!!!)
7. Spending time with my best friends.
8. Being in love like this forever.

8 Things I did yesterday
1. Went to look at fabrics and buttons- heaven!
2. Visited my bestie at work for a few minutes that made my day.
3. Started (and almost finished) the 3rd Twilight book.
4. Ate lots of hummus and dark chocolate.
5. Walked in the rain- on purpose.
6. Got yelled at for not having a "real job"
7. Tried out my new nail polish OPI "shorts story"- love it!
8. Talked to my favorite person in the whole world.

8 Things I wish I could do:
1. Teleport myself to America without having to deal with scary customs.
2. Buy copious amounts of beautiful fabrics and clothes.
3. and shoes and bags.
4. Have a career. right now.
5. Be done school.
6. Get a puppy.
7. Get rid of all my friends' insecurities.
8. See my BF right now.

I've been super busy, so the blog is suffering the consequences...
Thanks for all your awesome messages! Have a super fun weekend lovelies!


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