Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Christmas Shopping 101

Try putting this one under the tree...the Neiman Marcus Chrismas catalogue is out, and look- you can get an EDIBLE, life-size gingerbread playhouse! OMG, seriously?! And, it'll only set you back a cool $15,000! As much of a candy fanatic as I am, I think I'd rather have a car, with a big bow on it in the driveway! But, I could definitely do some damage on this thing, if I had too...

Monday, November 15, 2010

I Die


Under the Sea

OMG, these Rene Caovilla babies NEED to be in my closet! Click to mane the image bigger so you can see the detail on them!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Lanvin for H&M

Normally I'm not a fan of designers doing lines for lower-priced retailers. The quality of the clothes is crappy, the fabric feels funny and the manufacturing is shoddy. Just because I can't afford 'real' designer goods, doesn't mean I need a closet full of poorly constructed clothes that cost more than pieces without a famous designers name on them. That said, the Lanvin for H&M collection claims to be the same high quality fabrics of the regular collection...and there are definitely some cute pieces! I'm sure I'll never know because I refuse to be there when the collection launches and have to fight crazed, elbow-throwing women for a chance to get my hands on any of these! Maybe, if everything doesn't sell out in 11 mins, I'll be able to sort calmly through the leftovers and find something fun. So here are the pics from the collection! Let me know if anyone gets a piece of it! It's super cute and I'd love to see it in person when it comes out later this month. On second thought, the pink ruffley dress (at the bottom) just might be worth an elbow-drop.

images via fashiongonerogue

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Would you rather swim in a pool or the ocean?

Ocean, def. Hello, i'm a mermaid.

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Baby J's

We went to Columbia last weekend to hang out with Scott, Nicole and Savannah. Nicole's pregnant and due in December- so exciting! We thought that it was very important that we give the baby (a girl!) her very first pair of Jordan's! Aren't they amazing!?
Nicole showed me the baby's room and it is ADORABLE! And the closet full of awesome outfits- glitter, hearts, tutus, rock & roll, OMG, it almost makes me want to have a baby! hahah okay, not. I do realize it's a little more than a doll...I'm just so excited for their little fashionista!
On the way home, we had a little run-out-of-gas mishap about 10 mins from home. It involved 2 walks to the gas station, a run-in with a skunk (it started getting a puffy, and we made a serious run for it!) and some going through the trash for a container. Anyway, always eventful with the two of was so nice to get in bed, finally!


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