Monday, August 31, 2009


This weekend in Atlanta was SO much fun! I drove down on friday with my new hottie friend, Crystal. We got there just in time to meet up with the team and get some dinner. The little derby car (that my amazing bf designed!) was already in the pit, waiting for its run!
Saturday morning we got up early to be at the race site- there were an insane amount of Red Bull girls handing out more drinks than you could carry.The first of many....

Team shot! Love the umbrella girl!

Ryan Sheckler stopped by for a visit

Me and the hottie driver!!! (hehe his biggest fan!)

Crossing the finish line...
I tried to get some good shots on the way down, but he was just too fast!
There was a jump about half way down the track- not just saying this, but our car was definitely the smoothest going over it...naturally!
We couldn't have asked for a more fun (and beautiful) day!
Congrats Guys!
Oh and check out this FUN ARTICLE on Speedhunters for some more pics and info!!! ohh and NASCAR.COM too!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Perfect Pearing

Ready for class...
I found this Lily Pulitzer blouse at Tjmaxx...I don't like too much of her stuff, but I've definitely learned to not hate/love a particular brand because that can sway your decision to not buy, or to buy something that's not really all that cool! I think it's important to buy things you LOVE. otherwise it will probably just sit at the back of the closet. Ever get in that mood where you just want to buy something because you've had a bad day? Or a really good day? haha... well remember, you can always return it if it turns out to be just an impulse purchase (I forget about that sometimes!)
Anyway, back to the blouse, my fave part of it is....

......PINK PEARS!!! I immediately fell in love!

Tomorrow, the BF and I are going to Atlanta for a soap box derby race that he's been building a car for! It's been a lot of late nights, so I'm excited to see the final product and check out some of the other creations! Be back Sunday! I hope you guys have a beautiful weekend!!! XOX

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Just Visiting

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are in Toronto today promoting their line Elizabeth and James at Holt Renfrew.

Anyone see them around the city!?

Shimmer Time

Hello Beauties!
So, recently I've been exploring makeup a bit more...I've always been a "just the basics" kind of girl- especially since I'd rather spend money on clothes! But, lately I've been reading TONS of makeup reviews and blogs, and it's totally inspired me to try something new!
Maybe something like this?

Anyway, since I don't really know what I like/what colours are best for me, I thought I'd try this Coastal Scents palette with 88 different shades! Yup, 88! There's no point in buying expensive brands if you don't know what you like (PS. this palette is recommended by lots of MAC lovers!)

And the reveiws of it (trust me I've read all of them, and all of their competitors too! Yes, I'm nerdy, but I like to have all the intel before I make a purchase!) are amazing- seriously, for $20, does it get any better? I got the 'shimmery' palette because I LOVE a little sparkle! It should be arriving soon and I can't wait to let you know what I think- ohh and show you some looks too!

Will DEF. be trying this one! EEEK! SO excited!!!

photos via flickr,

Pocket Protector

Do I look ready to learn, or what!? haha...there's nothing like a first day of school to make you feel like a kid again! Today was nuts- I ran around all day trying to figure out my schedule and then met up with my friend (who just moved into her super cute first HOUSE!) for a delicious mexican dinner!
I had my first studio class, in which we started draping. I'm so excited to make more clothes! Starting my research for the spring collection...any thoughts?!

This outfit is way more pink in person (I think I scared some people today!)...

dress- theory
tank- from an 80's workout outfit I found in the attic
bag- some Italian that I can't remember now!
butterfly sparkly scarf- winners

Monday, August 24, 2009


photos via

Sun Protection

Trying to hide from the sun today...just running around town!
I'm craving some exciting fabric so I can make a new outfit. There's only one fabric shop close to me and its a quilting place, so everything's straight up cotton. Boring...
(hiding my face because this is a pre-makeup pic...scary!)
Got my September issue of Vogue- yay!

dress- vintage from my attic
hat- winners (canada's tjmaxx)
belt- target
shoes- some little store in Savannah, GA
necklace- mom's vintage (thanks mom!)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Dress

Yesterday was such a fun day- I got to go wedding dress shopping with a friend who is getting married in April! I've never been dress shopping with anyone before and it was a crazy, fun, slightly overwhelming experience! We all know there are ENDLESS options for brides when it comes to dresses (not to mention everything else wedding related), and you have to find "the one" out of millions that is right for you. Not easy.
Mermaid, princess, a-line, trumpet, short, strapless, halter, one-shoulder...beads, feathers, ruffles, chiffon, bows, crystals...satin, taffeta, silk, crepe, lace, tulle...ivory, white, diamond, champagne, is a girl supposed to choose?! I'm definitely having a costume change at mine!
Anyway, we ended up finding her a BEAUTIFUL gown. It's satin, strapless, with a heavily beaded bodice. The skirt is plain satin except for the long train that is slightly embellished. Stunning.
What is your dream gown?!

photos via

Friday, August 21, 2009

Happy Hemlines

I got this uber comfy pair of J Brand 'Lovestory' jeans at Aritzia a few weeks ago.

It's been way to hot to wear them, but anyway, I needed a pair of shoes with the teeniest heel because I didn't want to be stepping all over them hem of the pants. I found these cute baby wedges, adorned with a bow!
This is one of my biggest pet peeves- bad pant length. Although it might take a little extra effort to find the right shoe, or get the pants hemmed, it is SO important to have the pant be the correct length. A too long or too short hem detracts so much from an outfit and makes it awkward. So ladies, go see a tailor or get shoe shopping and keep those pants off the ground- but not too much! Like Goldilocks, you want it juuust right! xxx

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Muted Monochrome

I love the muted colours and monochrome styling in the Lacoste Fall '09 show. Okay, so I'm not quite ready to get my autumn-layering on, but this collection has a ton of pieces perfect for transitioning from hot summer to crisp fall. My one particular obsession of this show is the amazing sock boot- that can be worn scrunched below the knee, or stretched into thigh-high perfection! I want a pair of these babies SO badly! Along with the clothes in this collection, they have the look of ease and comfort while still being chic and stylish. I love the monochrome men's outfits too...I dream of my BF and I wearing monochrome in the same colour on a fun night out...haha it would be awesome!
Anyway, also loving the scrunched gloves, oversized cardi (sans pants!), turtle hoods, casual hair and simple make-up! Super easy...and I want it all! xxx

Glitter and Bows

I was all for comfort yesterday...inspired by the Polish flag, apparently! Still loving this super soft top...
top- Old Navy
funny pants- urban outfitters
sandals- white house/blk mkt
sunnies- F21

I also picked up this Betsey Johnson bikini (mine is a 2 piece- just imagine it without the 2 bows in the middle!) I fell in love with it awhile ago and then managed to wait- very exciting since it was $145 and i got it for $15! Such a good find!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

White Out

Still on my white kick...
Today I watched excessive amounts of HGTV, sewed a giant, sparkly purple sash, devoured some fashion mags, made a jar of tea, sorted my (severely overflowing) box of inspiration pics, ate half a watermelon, made a necklace, arranged my shoes by season and color, ran a few random errands...
Anyway, time for some much needed beauty sleep!
Night Lovers!

dress- Joe Fresh
bag- bebe
earrings- present from my hottie Val!
sandals- white house/black mkt

The River Wild

A few weeks ago when I was at the cottage, my cousins, brother and I decided that we'd do a float trip down the river. We set off and it quickly took a dangerous turn when I realized we were approaching HUGE rapids! It was all funny because we made it out safely, but we're just lucky that no one got sucked down. After dragging ourselves out of the river (with our unconventional rafts in tow) and heading downstream a bit, we had an awesome time in the fast flowing current- sans rapids!

Getting ready to go. We had no idea what was in store for us...

Me and my buddy! (yes, i look a little nuts! haha)

Only the beginning of the "danger zone"!

The calm before the storm...

Summer Heat

It was super hot yesterday, but I'm one of those "always cold" people and my BF insists on cranking the A/C, so I always end up in a fat sweater by the end of the day!
Today will consist of many errands, and learning how to cook- for some reason I just suck at making everything...I need help!

tank- don't remember
scarf- American Eagle
shorts- Juicy Couture
shoes- Coach

Monday, August 17, 2009

Make a Wish!


A huge birthday shout-out to my gorgeous girl! I hope your day is fabulous, exciting, and full of love, laughter and cupcakes!!!
Wish I was in PEI to celebrate with you!


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