Saturday, August 2, 2008

Missing: Lots of CLothes

I am severely suffering from lack of dressing! No, this doesn't mean I've been running around naked for the past 3 months! It means that I have a crazy (in a very good way!) boyfriend who is building a supercar out of wood. For those of you who don't know, check it out-
Since I finished school in May, I've been helping him with the project day and night. We don't do anything except work on the car. No one understands this, but it is true. (for example, it is 10:42pm and Joe is still out in the garage working. He started before 7 this morning. Oh, and did i mention it is saturday?!) So yeah, all this work means that I miss choosing nice clothes, doing my make up and brushing my hair! Well, I guess I could do all three of those, but really, I am so dirty at the end of the day that I am hardly recognizable and my clothes is barely visible under layers of sawdust and epoxy! In 2 weeks the project will be done and we'll take the car to a big show in Atlanta. Then I start school.
This means dressing again. It also means shopping again. I am so close I can almost smell and feel the fabric...
To my clothes that has been hanging untouched in the closet- you are my medication and soon I will be cured.

P.S. If anyone wants to leave me links of pretty clothes/sites/blogs to live vicariously through during this time, I would GREATLY appreciate it!

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