Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sugar High

For my birthday, my BF took me to this amazing restaurant right on the lake! It was so pretty and I got to dress up a bit! Before we left, he gave me a 5lb bag of Juicy Pear Jelly Belly's- my FAVE!!! (they aren't all gone yet, but I've definitely made a serious dent!) He also got me these amazing cupcakes (above). When we eat cake or cupcakes, I eat the icing, and he eats the cake! Normally, I get a little ripped off, but, as you can see, there was definitely enough on these! PS. it was the best icing I've ever had- think icing mixed with oreo cream! Anyway, that was a little sugar rush....
We didn't take too many pics, but here's one of what I wore and me with my LOVAH!
PS. This is my 300th post! I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who stops by and comments on my blob-haha I mean BLOG (had to leave that mistake in there!)! You have no idea how much this means to me! huge e-hugs to you!


Anonymous said...

YOU ARE SOOOOOOO PRETTYYYY!!!!!!!!! I love your shirt! sexy mama!!!!!!!

LOVE YOUUU and can't WAIT to see you soon!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweetiepie xoxoxo
luv katie xo

Cathy Voyage said...

The cake looks delicious and you are such a cute couple!

Fashion Moment said...

Happy birthday, darling! You look sooo lovely!


Megan Cassidy said...

That color looks wonderful on you! Those cupcakes look absolutely delicous!

Mona said...

Happy Birthday;) Hope you had a great day honey! You look super hot! xoxo

Couture Carrie said...

Congrats on 300 and Happy Birthday, darling! You look fab in that red blouse! And I looooooove those pear jelly beans!


Join the Gossip said...

Happy belated bday! Sounds like you had a blast! I love that shirt, it's a great color on you =)

And congrats on the 300th post!!

Krystal said...

Happy Birthday! Thanks for the feedback on my blog. Yours looks great! Congratulations on your 300th post and on finishing school!


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