Friday, May 28, 2010

Pink Fix

As I'm sure you know by now, I have a serious obsession with the color PINK! Doesn't it just make you SO happy!? (My fave thing is when the fiance wears his pink shirts! umm...HOT!)
Anyway, I picked up Lorac blush in Desire yesterday, because I've been eyeing it for awhile. Although I definitely have enough bright pink blushes (that don't even look that great on me, but i LOVE to wear! haha anyone else do that!??) this one is special! (aren't they all!?) it's a pinky-mauve and so much brighter than this pic. Anyway, I love it and if you see someone walking around with the mad 80's cheeks, it's probably me! :P

Val and I found this Two Faced Mood Swing lip balm when she was down in March, and she got it because it is just SO GORGEOUS on her! it starts off whiteish-clear and then turns the most AMAZING pink color! So, I finally caved and picked one up for myself! Sometime I make such good decisions! hehe

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