Sunday, August 1, 2010

Cupcake Crazy

You may have heard already, but there is some serious cupcake madness going on in my house! for the last week, I have been averaging 4.3 cupcakes per day, and probably about 2 cups of icing, since that's my fave part! Yeah, not so good when I'm supposed to fit into my wedding dress in a month! eeek! I don't think the all-butter-and-sugar diet is recommended for brides...i'll let you know when I roll down the aisle! Anyway, here's a little peek into the goodness that's been going on!

My very first attempt at vanilla butttercream, to put on vanilla cupcakes! Unfortunately they were so good that I ate them all before I got pics! :(

Dark Chocolate Mint cupcakes with Mint Buttercream, topped with Andes mint crumbles

I had a little Project Runway Premiere party at my house, so I made these chocolate cupcakes with chocolate cream cheese buttercream. Joe's handsdown fave.

Up next are coconut cupcakes, and then I think banana...
Omg, I can't stop!
Happy Weekend Lovers!

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