Sunday, November 7, 2010

Baby J's

We went to Columbia last weekend to hang out with Scott, Nicole and Savannah. Nicole's pregnant and due in December- so exciting! We thought that it was very important that we give the baby (a girl!) her very first pair of Jordan's! Aren't they amazing!?
Nicole showed me the baby's room and it is ADORABLE! And the closet full of awesome outfits- glitter, hearts, tutus, rock & roll, OMG, it almost makes me want to have a baby! hahah okay, not. I do realize it's a little more than a doll...I'm just so excited for their little fashionista!
On the way home, we had a little run-out-of-gas mishap about 10 mins from home. It involved 2 walks to the gas station, a run-in with a skunk (it started getting a puffy, and we made a serious run for it!) and some going through the trash for a container. Anyway, always eventful with the two of was so nice to get in bed, finally!

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