Saturday, April 9, 2011

Mid-week Pick-me-up!

Went shopping yesterday, but didn't do any major damage...I (fortunately) didn't see much that I just HAD to have! So here's all I got:

MAC Quite Cute lippie...I really didn't think much when I saw it, but I tried it on and loooved the sheer lilac "ice princess" quality! I've been finding more and more that I'll wear lipsticks that don't look super good on me just because I love the color! haha maybe not the best way to be, but it works for me!

A new spring bag! It's super watermelon-y, and just makes me happy. I'd been eying it for awhile...and then I thought it would make a nice super-early birthday prezzie to myself. haha. yup, thanks!

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