Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Yes, yes I do need more decorating inspiration pics! I'm thinking of re-doing our hot pink dining room. I just wanted it to be more FUSCHIA than hot pink...anyway, here are a few rooms I wish were in my house!
I have a whole camera full of pics to share, but unfortunately my little pupster chewed up my usb card reader...so they're stuck on there til I get a new one! Silly pup.
Yesterday, I fell down the stairs (with Joe and Ben watching :P) trying to stop the cat from running out the front door (don't worry, only a few patches of rug-burn and some big ugly bruises!). So much for saying that only an idiot could fall down those stairs...hehe. My animals are nuts, but I love them!

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Join the Gossip said...

I literally gasped when I saw the last picture. I adore the stripes on the walls!

I have been mia from the blogging world. Hope you have been well =)


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