Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hot Stuff

Here are some of my current obsessions and inspirations from my wedding-mania!
A petal-crazy walkway- I don't think I could actually walk on this though...it's just too pretty!
I looove this color combo...and the purple flower balls! Soooo fun!
This just looks like it would taste really good! (I need chocolate rehab. stat.)

Pimpin' bridesmaids dresses! (I'd pair it with a GIANT helmet made out of flowers though...yes, HELMET!!!)

I loooove this color combo too!!! Do I have to choose!?

This tooooooo!!!

Last but not least....Amsale Bijou...please can I have you?! How f-ing gorgeous is this dress!?! Ugh.


Megan Cassidy said...

ABSOLUTELY love the petal walkway, and that wedding dress is gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Please, do you know the cost of the Amsale Bijou. I am trying desperately to include that in my wedding budget because its....perfect.

Please email me at morgansoberal@yahoo.com if you have any information.


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