Monday, July 12, 2010

Project Bridesmaid Update

I'm not sure if I've ever posted about this project, because it's so close to my heart, but here goes!
I'm about half way through sewing my bridesmaids dresses! About a quarter way through, I definitely had some concerns about taking on this project! I have 7 bridemaids, and only one lives within a two hour drive! The others are all at least 12 hours away. As you can probably assume, this makes fittings pretty much impossible! I definitely don't want to be sewing the whole night before the wedding! I know it will be okay, but I do have moments of slight panic, where I imagine the dresses looking, and fitting, nothing like I hoped! Don't get me wrong though- I'm totally happy with what I have so far- I just hope the girls will love them! Okay, back to my life in the sewing dungeon!!!

1 comment:

New England Girl said...

Ahhhh! What a lovely project to take on. I have full faith in you, darling. You can get this done! I cannot wait to see the final results. :)


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