Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Saturday was our 'Passport to Style' fashion show! It was so much fun and everyone looked awesome in their outfits! Unfortunately I didn't have a camera so I'm just waiting to get some pictures! Here are a few from Kirsten...

Kirsten and me, after makeup

Christie, Kirsten, me and Jordan, getting ready to walk!

Us again...with some model faces! (hahaha not me!)

Another and Kirsten!

Kirsten in her HOT creation! She is soooo cute!

Me after makeup! eeek!

Me and Kirsten...waiting!

Carrie, Leah, me and Jordan...causing a little trouble with our AWESOME dance moves! (moves not shown here...but they were awesome!)

More waiting...

Backstage! (I think I see a bum in the background!)

Hopefully I'll get some more pics of actual clothes soon! It was such a fun show!

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