Saturday, April 12, 2008

Missing: 1 Elegant Eggplant

Yesterday I went grocery shopping and picked out this very elegant eggplant. Somewhere between the check-out and my kitchen, the eggplant disappeared. Or escaped. Either way, it's gone. I used to have a small problem where I would take whichever fruit or vegetable I picked up first. If I noticed a bruise on it after picking it up, I had to take it anyway because I felt sad that it would just lie in the pile while its tougher, better looking relatives got chosen. It's like being the crappy one at sports in elementary school. You stand there all awkward and gawky, while the other kids get picked and picked and picked. It's not your fault your legs and arms suddenly got too long for your body! Anyway, so my eggplant...still missing. Having overcome my "feeling sorry for fruit" problem, I now choose vegetables depending on their looks-it has to have some personality! Sometimes a small deformity can mean a lifelong adventure! I picked through the eggplants until I found the most elegant one. I was so excited! It was so regal... I'm not going to mourn this loss, but next time I'm at the grocery store, I'm keeping one extra eye on my special selections!
Last week, I spent 4 minutes choosing an onion- the one I brought home was peppy and robust. A few days later, when we were making lunch for the magazine crew, Zac noticed how good looking it was! haha. It was awesome! So next time you're picking your produce, why not get the one with a little personality?!

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