Tuesday, November 18, 2008

half november

I'm back! Things have been a little crazy lately-just lots of work and my quick trip to NYC! I'm getting excited for the end of the semester! Then it's Christmas, and I haven't even started crossing things of the big list! It's going to be a budget Christmas, that's for sure. But, in some ways, it will be fun because I'll be making lots of presents and doing a little extra treasure hunting. There's nothing more fun than finding (or making) the perfect gift for someone, that will actually be useful! No one needs more clutter these days, so it's always a good idea to get something that will actually be put to good use- or eaten! I have seen some ubercute "designer" chocolate! Yes, I'm a sucker for some nice packaging!
(Pouncerella just crawled onto my lap and is reading this...don't think you're getting anything but a lump of coal, silly kitty! She is so funny-just like a little puppy!)
Oh and I made my banner a little more fun, so enjoy, and sign up on the right to be a babe or baller blog follower! Leaving you with a pic of me in NYC...hailing a cab- I was just pretending but I accidentally got one! ooops!

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