Friday, November 28, 2008

Lowcountry Lovin'

Happy Black Friday y'all! Joe and I were going to hit up the stores at 4am this morning, but after a 1 second consideration, we opted for sleep instead! It makes sense if you are looking for something like a tv or computer, because there are some pretty crazy deals out there, but since all we want are dvd's, I think it'll be okay!
As you can see, we are still in Charleston and it is so beautiful here! I am in love with these two trees in the front yard. We were heading out to find the Automobile magazine yesterday when I noticed there was a flat tire on the car! After further inspection, we discover 2 nails in the tire.
So Joe got the car on the lift and repaired it in no time! Here he is checking out the underside of the "greeeeen machine"!
I was so helpful by standing out in the sun, trying to get a much needed tan! Can you see how pasty I am? I'm practically reflective! Anyway, less than a month 'til we're in Florida, so I'm excited for that! Kryll and I have a special project in the works which I am very excited for! Plus I get to see her for the first time since LAST christmas! (For those of you who don't know, my awesome sis is in Germany doing some crazy materials engineering work that I don't even try to comprehend the meaning of!) I'm SO excited!!!
Have a beautiful day everyone!

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