Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Beware the Big Foot!

I wore my awesome sneaker boots to school yesterday. They make me feel like I'm from the future. Haha...yeah, I'm weird.
My next mission, which I've been working on for sometime now, is to find the perfect sneaker HEELS! I found some amazing ones last year that were PERfect, but, go figure-they didn't make them in my size! Seriously, having size 11 feet is the WORST! If I can ever find a shoe in my size, I almost dread it because it comes from the back looking like a monster. And it's so bad that I've even had the salesperson comment about how "different" the shoe looks in such a massive size! Ahhh...but, I suppose there are much worse things to worry about... like my fat thighs, flat chest, crappy thin hair....Okay, totally kidding. I'm working on being less critical of myself and more thankful for everything (and everyone!) that I have in my life! Love you guys!

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