Sunday, January 11, 2009

Shopping Date- with a mission (or two)

Katie and I walked around the Eaton Centre today- I felt like I hadn't been there in forever! Whenever I'm shopping, I like to have a mission, even if I know that I won't buy anything. It's just really fun to have a purpose. And then, if you do stumble upon the object of your desire, it is just that much more exciting. How many times have you been shopping for something specific and it's the only thing you just can't find?! Yeah, about every time for me, but then there are those few times that it works out beautifully and I guess it's really just meant to be! 
So anyway, on our mission list today:
1. leather bag- something really luscious looking, but not flashy
2. winter coat- something peacoat like, but with that little something extra 
3. jeans with "the right" fit
4. nail polish in a raspberry shade 
Of the things on the list, we found nothing! But Katie got a super soft hoodie with luxurious faux fun in the hood part! We also saw Bride Wars which was silly, but great girly fun!
We stopped at Coach where I tried to find this adorable headband I saw in a magazine so I could show it to Katie, and the saleslady tried to make us wait around while she tried forever to find it on her computer. We were starving, and finally managed to escape her- she was clearly a little bored...
That's it for now! I hope everyone has a relaxing Sunday and an exciting week ahead!

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