Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Travel Time!

I'm SO excited because tomorrow I fly home (my other one) to Charlotte!!! It's the BF's birthday and we're going to party! I'm also super excited to see my silly CAT (see above)!!!! ahahahaha Okay, well I have a lot of packing/ outfit planning to do- I'm really going to make an effort to pack light, which you think would be easy since I left half my clothes there...

Here's me yesterday...going to tired... BUT I went out with my "sista" and we had a few drinks on a roof top patio downtown and then went to see The Proposal- so cute and I have a new love for Ryan Reynolds...
Jacket- BCBG...getting some good wear these days! It's just so bright and classes me up a little!
shorts- Old Navy and shiny!
top- French Connection
owl necklace- Charlotte Russe

Can you tell I'm sooo in LOVE!!! hehehe so bf likes to make fun of me because I'm such a goof- but I tell him it's just part of my charm! haha. (Please notice that I'm holding REAL FRUIT GUMMIES- the best things ever (especially refridgerated! I plan on filling my bag and exporting them to America!) top- F21, shorts- Wet Seal, glasses- Prada, Gummies- Shoppers Drug Mart


Join the Gossip said...

So cute! Love the outfits! Have a great trip!

Kristin said...

That white jacket is gorgeous!!


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