Friday, July 22, 2011

Cupcake Club

Yesterday I finally used the Groupon that Joe got me for my birthday and picked up my 6 beautiful cupcakes from Just Baked! Rowley and I had a little party and definitely ended up sugar-high, sprawled out on the front lawn. Rowley's always down for a good time- especially when cupcakes are involved!
All cupcake descriptions are from their website ( you can see all the flavors they offer- but beware: reading this will lead to mad scramble for cupcakes!
It will now be impossible for me to drive by their shop without stopping in. Great. :P

Triple Vanilla- Vanilla bean cupcake with a creamy vanilla bean center and topped fluffy vanilla frosting. Finished off with vanilla bean soaked sugar crystals.
I'm a huge fan of frosting, so the extra inside was an awesome surprise!

Midnight Orange- Dark chocolate cake filled with whipped orange mousse, topped with dark chocolate butter cream, chocolate shavings and a sugared orange zest.
Although Rowley and I aren't normally fans of fruit mixed with chocolate, this cupcake was AMAZING! and almost too pretty to eat. Almost.

Chocolate Cream Filled- Our version of the old fashioned Hostess Cupcake. Cream filled
chocolate cupcake topped with chocolate ganache.
Also got big points with the extra frosting inside!

Little Italy- Our version of the amazing Italian dessert Tiramisu...Light and fluffy cupcake infused with a coffee rum syrup,topped with a mascarpone frosting, a dusitng of cocoa powder and a single chocolate covered espresso bean.
This one had so many different, delicious flavors...and a little mushier (technical term) on the inside, which i actually really liked! Rowley's second fave.

Strawberries and Cream- Sweet and moist vanilla cupcake filled with our house made strawberry puree and covered with a strawberry cream cheese frosting and a fresh strawberry
Hands down Rowley's fave! We tried to save some of each one for Dad, but this one didn't make it! For me it was a tie between this one and the Midnight Orange. Definitely pleasantly surprised with the fruit ones!

Signature Chocolate- Our signature chocolate cake, moist and decadent, topped with creamy chocolate butter cream and shaved valhrona chocolate.
Definitely delish, but wouldn't be my first choice only because I like to try more exotic flavors!

Are you hungry yet?!
Happy Friday Luvers! I hope everyone has an awesome weekend!

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