Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ocean Breeze

A few weekends ago we went to Charleston to catch up with some friends and fam. It's definitely my fave city in North America- If you've never been, GO! and let me know so I can tell you all the fun places you shouldn't miss!

Met up with one of the funniest, sweetest ladies I know (Swanky Peach!)- def a weekend highlight!

Dinner and drinks at Red's...I can't even tell you how perfect it was up there! The dolphins hanging out below were just the cherry on top!

My fave ladies to see in Charleston! A friend of ours had a cray cray redneck party!

Me and Joe...I love this guy! :D

It's almost the weekend! Happy Thursday Dolls!

1 comment:

Beata said...

Caroline Harmon I miss your face! Beautiful photos of a beautiful couple. Lov u! xx


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