Saturday, February 9, 2008

The animals in my life

I live with some really funny animals (other than Joe!), who I finally photographed!

These two turkeys are ALWAYS together! The brown one is Gobbler and the white one is (appropriately), White Fatty! (This picture doesn't do him justice, because he is HUGE! If you yell at him, he'll yell back! What a weirdo!

Joe put a birdfeeder on the big tree and this squirrel comes and eats all the food! He's so funny because he'll hang by his hind legs to reach and eat the food and he's always swaying. It looks so weird! He's pretty fat because he eats ALL the time!

Pitch was a pretty cool cat (and I don't normally like cats very much). Unfortunately he died a few weeks ago. He wrote several books on various topics and enjoyed collecting model cars.

And of course, Brownie! We do pretty much everything together. She especially enjoys surfing the net and having ice cream parties. Her favourite flavours are fried ice cream and lime sherbet. She also likes to play dress up. Accessorizing is her forte.

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Julia said...

aaahhh!!!! the squirrel is so freaky!!


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