Sunday, February 17, 2008

Weddings and Woodpeckers

Brownie and I were watching wedding shows on Women's Network today. Brownie says she can't wait to plan her wedding. She wants to have ice cream for dinner and gravy martinis for dessert. I told her she could do anything she wanted because it would be her wedding afterall. She has been trying some online dating but says she's going to stop that for awhile, and go back to more conventional methods- sniffing around.
In other news, our birdfeeders are going crazy! Today, there was a big red-bellied woodpecker hanging out. Joe informed me that this is what it was called and I was slightly confused because the woodpecker's head was red and not its belly. Joe explained to me that there was already a red-headed woodpecker, so they (whoever has the awesome job of naming new species- although I think some of the names could be a little more hip...) had to come up with another one.
Here are the 2 woodpeckers...
This is the Red-bellied guy that was on our tree...Since the one below does obviously have a more red head, why isn't this one called the red-mohawk or red-hat woodpecker or something...the whole red-bellied thing just makes no sense...
Anyway, they're both pretty awesome birds!
P.S. I am looking out the window and Brownie is standing under the tree watching all the birds. Her head is twitching all over the place because she's trying to watch them all at the same time! sooo cute!

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