Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Carolina Blue, Baby!

This past Sunday, Joe and I went to the game with his dad and their friend Robert (one of the funniest people I have ever met- he is CRAZY!) The game was AMAZING! Actually the first half was terrible and the Tar Heels were playing baaad. And, that continued into the second half. Then, with little time left, they picked it up and made an insane comeback! The game went into double overtime and the Tar Heels finally won 103-93. It was crazy! They had to win though because Clemson has lost to them 53 times now at home! hehehe...YAY! I have never heard people scream so loud, nor have I ever screamed so much!

Here I am on the way to the game! I'm SO excited! (don't you love the Carolina Blue!?)

Here's a little clip of our boys coming out!

The boys warming up!
The cutest fan!

Ramses stoppped by for a visit! hehehe

Me and Joe!

Game Over! We Win!!!

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