Friday, February 22, 2008


Yesterday at lunch, Aaron, Zac, Ben and I went outside to take some pictures! Aaron set up some of his flashes for good lighting and we were ready. We were showing off how strong and aerodynamic we are! I discovered that while my jumping skills are fantastic, my landing skills require quite a bit of work! ouch...

I am so strong that I can lift Aaron with one hand!

When he makes me mad, I pretend to go for a high five and then use my superpowers to throw him into the wall (he left a body imprint in the house).

Zac gets very angry at Aaron as well! He is so strong he can throw aaron over the house.

I am so happy when I fly!

Aaron does many tricks and flips.

Ben has some sweet vertical!

I let Aaron fall slowly. Even with doom approaching, he is in high spirits!


Aknacer said...

Beautiful! we make such good acrobats!

Julia said...

you guys are awesome!! And Care, WOW!!! Nice moves! You'll have to show me some of that when I see you!


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