Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Fashion Police: Costume Institute Gala

Last night was the Costume Institute Gala at the Met in NYC. Here's the lowdown on the fashion choices. And just to warn you, some of it was pretty scary!
The Dressed

Sarah Michelle Gellar looks very pretty in this safe and boring black strapless.

Ziyi Zhang, in Armani Prive Couture, looks stunning!

I'm normally a fan of Scarlett Johansson's dress choices but this one seems a little dull. It washes her out and seems more appropriate for a tea party or something.

Maggie Gyllenhaal in Peter Som.

Emily Rossum in Phi-not super exciting and a little prom-ish.

Kate Mara in Zac Posen. I love the colour, but the dress has a little too much fabric for her small frame.

Iman in Dolce and Gabbana. This is a beautiful colour for her!
Julia Roberts in Armani Prive, stunning as usual.

I love the Beckhams, but Victoria's dress choice just wasn't that exciting. I was hoping for something a little more extreme from her.

Gisesle in Versace. She could wear ANYTHING and look hot!

Jessica Stam opted for a short Proenza Schouler. The (Canadian) cutie always looks awesome, but she really didn't need so much makeup.

Hillary Duff sporting an Elie Saab super bling dress.

I love Amber Valetta and if anyone can pull off this Versace, it's her!

You'd never know J-Lo just popped out twins! Although I don't think it's the greatest colour on her, the dress looks beautiful.

The BEST Dressed

Molly Sims is always a stunner and this night was no exception! The colour is beautiful on her and her hair is glam yet casual.

I LOVE Christina Ricci's outfit! Givenchy meets Wonder Woman! It's daring and fun, and the colour looks so good on her. (I wish I could find a pic, but the red belt has a star on the back!)

Eva Longoria looks amazing in this eggplant Marchesa gown. Even though she's tiny, she still wears the dress instead of drowning in it.

Blake Lively looks beautiful, but what makes her outfit a winner for me are the awesome gloves she's wearing!

Camilla Belle is just stunning in this Armani Prive (and we've see a lot of Armani!) with simple hair and makeup, she makes it look easy!

Diane Kruger opted for a short Alberta Ferretti which suits her perfectly. I love that she did it with the pink shoes! She's always on top of it when it comes to red carpets.

The Hot Messes!

(I'm not sure why, but I feel like there were way more fashion disasters than one would usually find on the red carpet. I just feel that it's strange that these women have the choice of ANY dress they want and somehow they pick these...)

What was Amanda Peet thinking? The length is awkward and the whole thing just looks a little frumpy.

Thandie Newton (far left) is on my best dressed list. Her little black dress is perfect and she's the only one who took the superhero theme to a new level by wearing a cape! The other two, not so good! Although, I do like the colour of Eva Mendes' dress.

Katie Holmes wore vintage Armani. What on earth made her think it was a good idea to wear those shoes?!

Mischa Barton's Missoni dress was a little too bag-like for me.

Kimora just looks scary in this Kevan Hall Dress. It is just weird.

Michelle Trachtenberg looks about 40 years older in this get up. Her nipple covers match her skiry too. She's gorgeous but I think I want to throw up on that gold lame.

Kristin Davis also dressed a little old. And all those pleats make this tiny lady look BIG!

I think Fergie just missed it with this one. It's just a bit tacky.

I actually love Ivanka Trumps dress but her head gear just totally threw me off. It just cancels out all the god here. How sad.

Are we going to grandma's for a luncheon? Jennifer Connelly's choice of Balenciaga was not really suitable for the occasion. Plus, her hair is not good either.

Did someone forget to tell the Olsen's they had a gala, because they obviously didn't shower or do much hair brushing. I actually do like Ashley's black keyhole dress, but Mary- Kate's Diane von Furstenberg was way too mature for her, not to mention didn't fit! It's weird because these dresses are custom made for them. Was she planning on gaining 50lbs that night? Or possibly sneaking out with some of the dinnerware?

This just doesn't work for me. By far not the best Armani if the night. I don't think her hair goes either.

I had to revisit this one. Wow...

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