Wednesday, March 11, 2009

IKEA Finds

There's nothing like IKEA to get you excited and inspired to decorate! You have to be careful because as you walk through, you suddenly feel like you need EVERYTHING! The BF and I went the other night and picked up a few things for our new place. We have to go back with the truck because some of the stuff wouldn't fit in the car! This rug (the circles are a little more neon than they appear in the pic) now sits in the living room and the lamp hangs over it! The lamp is awesome because its so big and has a fishing rod feel to it. We also got this giant leaf from the kids section that will go over the bed and make it feel like a jungle! We also got some (delicious!) Swedish chocolate that we haven't had since we were in Sweden in 2005 (where we also met and fell in looooove! hehehe). We're going to the bookstore now to find Intersection Magazine- because Joe's car is in it! Have a fab night loves!


Megan Cassidy said...

i love that lamp!! What exactly is IKEA?? and where can i find one???

Mona said...

The lamp is cool! I exactly know what you mean! You just think you need EVERYTHING!!!! Damn..the IKEA curse;)


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