Friday, October 9, 2009

3 Treasures

This Make Up Forever HD Powder is A- MAZing! You put it on last to set your makeup and it just leaves such a smooth finish- seriously sweet! It's pure silica and although the powder is white, it just disappears when you put it on! Plus, you only need a tiny bit (just throw it on with a big fluffy brush!) so it'll last forever!

MAC lipstick in Pink Nouveau- such a BRIGHT pink- LOVE BF says it makes me look Eastern (European)- and it does! (But I am, so just rockin' it! haha)
I wanted a more neutral (me? neutral? yes, trying to tone it down a bit!) palette and I fell in love with this Urban Decay one...okay, so there are GIANT chunks of glitter in 4 of the colors (you can't really see in the pic) and 3 have small glitter. So the colors may be more neutral but the glitter is out there! (okay, so I guess not so much with the toning it down...I'll try harder next time!)
The BF and I were looking at diamond rings (EEEK!) the other day and the saleslady was saying how is just the nature of women to be attracted to sparkly one knows why! And it's so true!
Also, HAPPY THANKSGIVING to everyone back in Canada! I will miss going up north and seeing the fam, all the beautiful fall colors, the lake...
BUT, no complaints because we're going to Charleston for the weekend and I'm bringing my dollface friend Jaime- SO EXCITED!!! Plus it's supposed to be HOT and SUNNY!


Anonymous said...

the fall colours are in ..breathtaking Ontario
expecting 2 sunny days (ok a little cooler than Charleston)
Will celebrate Thanksgiving and a B-day!
Wishing you a safe trip

Join the Gossip said...

I need to get that HD product. Sounds amazing! I totally have the same Urban Decay palette! Same colors, but different packaging. Weird that they revamped the packaging...haha

Gerri Ward said...

OMG! Leave it to YOU to find the most FABULOUS of the FABULOUS!!! I luv, luv, luv it! YOU have to be the most ADVENTUROUS person I know of, I am sooo JEALOUS! HAVE a FABULOUS FUN time this coming WEEKEND!!!:)

Niki B. said...

yes, i love rocking hot pink lipstick! another good one is mac girl about town. it's outrageous. haha

Marta from With Love... said...

Fab Choices..I love the lipstick the color is too cute :)


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