Thursday, October 1, 2009


It's definitely a Love/Hate thing for me with Marc by Marc Jacobs. The Spring '10 collection is no different, although I think there are more 'hate' pieces (sometimes the styling was the only bad part). Here's a run down for you...
These ones I like- I'm a sucker for ruffles. Would wear cardi and knit granny-panties if i had this girl's body (paired with some nude, thigh-high boots, of course!).

And here are a few that I'm just confused about...
Wore my bedsheet as pants- High pantyhose are the new peek-a-boo thong!

Is it Military or Mili-Prairie?

Still drunk when I woke up... a little confused about the order of dressing plus space panties

Love the top, but newsflash: the fanny pack will never be cool

Pregnant (sad) clown!


Krystina said...

that is so funny!!!
and so true: that is a sad clown :(

Love you!!

Niki B. said...

hahaha i love the commentary! is it the pieces themselves or the styling thats weird? but i do agree.. i expect better from marc.


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