Saturday, October 24, 2009

Best Food Ever

It was 8:52 pm last night, and the BF and I were driving home from the mall where we watched an fashion show. We were both so hungry and immediately thought of IKEA. I guess I probably haven't mentioned this before, but a new IKEA opened up pretty close to us and we go there a lot- to EAT (well, sometimes we work up an appetite by walking through the place)! If you live close to an IKEA, and want to get the most inexpensive (50cent hot dogs, people!), most delicious meal ever, seriously, GO THERE (we hang out in the 'bistro'- the snack bar by the exit)!
So back to last night...IKEA is about 10 miles away. I call our friend Aaron to see what time it closes, and he tells me what I was afraid of...9pm. Uh oh...But we bet we can still make it, so we book it down the highway (safely, of course!). We make it there at 9:02, and sneak in- GREAT SUCCESS!!! 5 hotdogs, 1 bag of chips, 1 pop, 1 ice cream, and 1 cinnamon bun later, we are way too excited about making it! Hahaha so nerdy! What do normal people do on Friday nights!?

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New England Girl said...

Hah! That is SO something Mr. J and I would do... I bet it was a fun, coupley adventure on a Friday night. Aren't they just the best? I have been to IKEA, but haven't eaten there; I may just have to change that now. :)


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