Saturday, December 1, 2007

Collecting was fun!

I was going to post a picture of Joe's toenail (which came off when I tripped over his foot), but Julia and Aaron have told me this is not a good idea. I keep it in a jar of Polish jam on the windowsill in the kitchen. (I was just saving it to show my friends when they came to visit, but now I keep it around just in case. I have always been a collector, but lately I've gotten rid of a lot of stuff to de-clutter my life. Here are things that I have collected in the past:
1. Absolut ads (still have them, but i got rid of the doubles!)
2. food boxes- cereal, candy, granola bars, etc. (my grandma made me throw out this collection when it took over my room from floor to ceiling)
3. sharpenings from Yikes pencils (remember those?!)
4. crazy knee high socks! still have lots of those (I even had a chinese supplier)
5. subway and bus transfers
6. bus numbers (possibley my strangest and most OCD collection)
7. blank notebooks (shared this one with kryll)
8. frogs- anything frog
9. the weather section from the Toronto Star (it was so pretty?)

This is all I can remember for now...I had forgotten about some of these! Anyway, hopefully I won't add any toes to my collection, but maybe someday I will make toenail soup! (probably if we ever have mean guests...)

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