Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Blast from the past

Aaron and I were talking about some of our favourite cities in Europe and Stockholm came up. That is definitely one of the coolest cities I've ever been to! That was when Julian came to visit and we travelled around a bit. It was so much fun travelling with him! I found my journal entry from that trip and it made me laugh so hard! So here it is!

Thursday April 7, 2005.

Julian and I are on the super-fast train to Stockholm! We'll be there in 39 minutes (because Swedish trains are ridiculously punctual!) Julian arrived on Saturday and after explaining to me that he has no health insurance, has begun to experience every possible sickness.
(I did an interview with him, so this is our conversation)

C: Julian, how do you feel right now?
J: Gah...I wanna, wait, I am dying
C: Ok, what are your thoughts on Sweden then?
J: It's not Hungary! (this is where was living at the time)
(I think he means that the toilets on the train flush here, the people actually don't mind helping you, people speak english, it's very cute)
C: So Julian, what about the girls?
J: I wouldn't know, I haven't seen any yet! I've been sick! Also having too much fun with my sister because she is so cool! (okay, fine, I added that part!)
Julian is no longer feeling well enough to answer my questions, so I will make a list of all of the ailments he has experienced thus far!
1. fever (chills,sweats...cause unknown, but possibly day at the beach)
2. diarrhea (gross! result of Kabob consumption without alcohol- in Hungary, of course)
3. nasal/sinus congestion (result of general malaise)
4. sore throat (why not, he's had pretty much everything else!)
I am just hoping there won't be any throwing up involved because that would be just weird! Hahaha, Julian just said " Ahhhh, I'm delerious!

Hahaha so that was over 2 years ago... the point of all this was to talk about the cool hostel we stayed at that night- on a BOAT!!! plus there was the option of paper sheets...

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