Sunday, December 2, 2007

I Heart Galliano

I can't believe its December already! I got my new Vogue yesterday and I'm soooo excited to read it but I have to finish my contemporary design project first! It's one of the funnest projects I've ever had to do! Joe's working on the car today and I'm being distracted by John Galliano and his extreme awesomeness! He is a GENIUS and I am in LOVE with him! I will show you why...

You really don't get cooler than this!

I've been trying to find a picture of this dress I saw in my new Vogue (fine, i peeked!) that i would like to wear for Christmas (in my dreams!).
I'll keep looking...
One of my favourite dresses was worn by Cameron Diaz (one of my favourite actresses!) to the Costume Institue Gala...everything about the dress and her accessories was perfect! Here it is!

Ahhh the colour is amazing!

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