Sunday, February 22, 2009

Fantastic Folds

I LOVE the Versace dress Marissa Tomei is wearing (I'm watching right now) to the Oscars! It's by far my favourite gown I saw on the red carpet. I will post some more later, but I just got so excited about her that I couldn't wait to share it! Have a fun night lovers!


Cathy Voyage said...

You're right, she looks fantastic!

Fashion Pulse said...

Fantastic dress!
I started with one more blog, you can check it,
It will be for editorials, some gorgeous photos and about models.


Rianna Bethany said...

i thought this was one of the best dresses and although i absolutely love miley cyrus . . . . . did you see her dress!? and her body language, she was a bit rusty on the red carpet! Bless her!
Rianna Bethany xxxxxxxxxx


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