Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Paint Party

I saw the Fall '09 House of Holland collection and immediately fell in love. Not really because of the clothes (not much new and exciting here) but more because of the paint-chip resemblance! For some reason, there is something about paint-chips that I can't resist (especially the ones named after fruits or vegetables! ahhhh...I know). I can't leave Home Depot without grabbing some samples- I've had this obsession since elementary school and I really have no idea where it came from! One Christmas, my best friend even gave me a giant bundle of chips. It was awesome.
Anyway, I'd wear this stuff, but only if I had the whole outfit! I do think the suits look pretty good on the guys. They'd make good outfits for groomsmen at a spring wedding!
Night lovers!

1 comment:

Allison said...

I knew you were gonna say that you liked them because they look like paint chips! I was thinking the same thing!


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