Monday, July 20, 2009

Coffee or Tea?

Still camera-less! relying on the compy-cam! I finally got to wear my Marc Jacobs dress last week (also took it to Vegas, where I also left it! Yikes! No worries though, my amaxing BF saved it!)! I LOOOVE it so much- makes me feel like a flight attendant! Also sporting my new can't see them well but there are some brownish lowlights!
I'm in the last week of my internship- it's been incredible and I've learned sew (ahahaha) much! I can't wait to get back to studio and make some of my own stuff! Only a few more days in Canada and then it's back to the US!
Alright, night gorgeouses! Hope tomorrow is even more fun than today!


Mona said...

Looks really cute!

Cathy Voyage said...

The dress is fab!

Niki said...

i love that MJ dress, i remember seeing it on gossip girl haha

xo Niki


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