Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Danger: This will make you want to decorate

As my BF and I search for our dream house, I tend to fantasize more about the decorating end of things...I can spend hours and hours checking out interior design sites, imagining all the fun that can be done with a new, empty house! I LOVE colour, but I also love the minimalist-white look. I think the house will just be slightly crazy, with every room being a different style, them and mood. Gotta keep it interesting, right?! I'm also obsessed with wallpaper which I know can be a big pain, but there are just so many incredible colours and patterns. I still want a candy-shop-esque kitchen...but I'm afraid I would just eat all the candy (my BF says it would be impossible for me not too :( haha) Anyone have any favourite colour schemes, styles or obsessions!?

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