Monday, July 13, 2009

Vegas Bound!

Today is my only day of work this week before I head to VEGAS tomorrow!!! I"M SO excited! Haven't packed yet, because I was up north for the weekend, so I'm sure tonight will be a mad scramble to get everything ready! Outfit planning!!! hehehehe

I have a small update about one of my beauty product samples...I tried the Ole Henrikson Walnut Complexion Scrub, and I have to say, although I like the smell, it feels like it is cutting my face a million times over! The grains in it are SO sharp! Now, I do have very sensitive skin, but I have also heard that sharp mirco-grains leave tiny cuts all over your skin- no matter what type you have. NOT good. I will not be using this scrub on my face anymore, but I would use it to exfoliate maybe my legs and feet! So unless you have extrememly rough and tough skin, I really wouldn't recommend it for the face!

Here's a mini-pic of my silk and feathered skirt that I'm dying to get in Vegas!!! Happy Monday Everyone! xxx


Cathy Voyage said...

Vegas - this is so amazing!

Cathy Voyage said...

Vegas - this is so amazing!

Mona said...

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas;) Love the skirt!

Krystina said...

fun!! bring lots of goodies (ie clothes) home for me!!!

archivingfashion said...

Fun skirt! Love it!


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