Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sweet Tooth

I didn't grow up knowing what kind of wedding I would have...what my dress would look like or what my colours would be. I'm not getting married (yet!), nor am I even engaged (hopefully soon! hehe) but the one thing I do know is that I want a CANDY BUFFET!
I think weddings are all about the personality of the couple, so how can you really plan it before you meet 'the one'?! Now I always knew the guy I'd want to marry would be a dessert guy! Actually, it's more of a prerequisite. Yes, here it is...my deep dark secret. I once broke up with a guy because he didn't like dessert. There, I said it. But really?! Especially as a girl, how fun is it to pig out on dessert while your BF stares at you strangely? NOT fun at all! haha. Dessert is for sharing, people! So yes, my BF loves dessert and there will be a giant candy buffet. Whenever the wedding happens!
so in love and patiently waiting... (wow, could I get any more cheesy tonight!? sleep well, lovers!)


Kristin said...

I somehow managed to marry the hubs despite his lack of love for dessert. So sad as I adore baking. He makes up for it in other areas. Ahem.

Mona said...

The colours;) Love it! A candy buffet;) You're right with the personality thing..never thought about a wedding actually

Anonymous said...

Yummy post! Candy buffets are so fun - I just love all the colors, don't you?

Join the Gossip said...

all amazing choices! so beatiful how the colors pop. now i want choc covered strawberries! let us know when the engagement happens =)


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