Thursday, August 27, 2009

Perfect Pearing

Ready for class...
I found this Lily Pulitzer blouse at Tjmaxx...I don't like too much of her stuff, but I've definitely learned to not hate/love a particular brand because that can sway your decision to not buy, or to buy something that's not really all that cool! I think it's important to buy things you LOVE. otherwise it will probably just sit at the back of the closet. Ever get in that mood where you just want to buy something because you've had a bad day? Or a really good day? haha... well remember, you can always return it if it turns out to be just an impulse purchase (I forget about that sometimes!)
Anyway, back to the blouse, my fave part of it is....

......PINK PEARS!!! I immediately fell in love!

Tomorrow, the BF and I are going to Atlanta for a soap box derby race that he's been building a car for! It's been a lot of late nights, so I'm excited to see the final product and check out some of the other creations! Be back Sunday! I hope you guys have a beautiful weekend!!! XOX


Tori said...

Aw the pattern is so cute! =)

Gerri Ward said...

I solely agree with Tori, I luv the pattern it's adorable! Wow! A soap box derby that sounds like sooo much fun! I hope he WINS!!!:}


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