Monday, August 17, 2009

Casual White

Happy Monday Beauties!
Sunday for me always includes some lounging, catching up on reading, and just generally relaxing! This one involved my September Bazaar! hehe
I was feeling the whites yesterday. I got these linen pants at Guess last year- I love them because (you can't see in the pic) they have gold thread pinstripes that just add such a fun detail! The top is from Old Navy, where I rarely go because I have a hard time finding things that fit me well and that I feel are good quality. This top (on sale for $8!) is super soft, long, and has ruffles- which I can never get enough of!

I've been tagged by the FAB Gerri to reveal 10 random facts about here goes!

1. I get ridiculously excited about the smallest things- I think it freaks people out if they don't know me :P
2. Charleston, SC is my favourite city- it's where my BF is from and where I want to live!
3. I check out girls waaay more than guys (which my BF appreciates! haha) because I like to see what they're wearing.
4. I am obsessed with Frank's Red Hot- best hot sauce ever- and sometimes I drink it out of the bottle!
5. Along with designing clothes, I also want to be a consultant so I can help women look their best and feel good about themselves- SO important, right!?
6. When people walk by me, they always look at my feet (I just recently realized this and figured out why- it's because I'm freak tall and they're looking to see if I'm wearing heels!)
7. I HATE clutter but I have the hardest time getting rid of things- this includes empty cereal boxes- they are just so colourful and fun! See what I mean?! (I'm working on it...)
8. I met my boyfriend in Sweden when we were both studying abroad- it's nuts when I think of all the things in our lives that had to happen to get us both there at the same time...
9. I love talk-radio. I will always choose NPR over music. I know, so nerdy!
10. I spy on my boyfriend when he's getting dressed and then try to match his outfit! He gets mad, but I think that he secretly likes it!

Now tell me something totally random about YOU!


New England Girl said...

LOVE your outfit. You are impossibly tall and outrageously beautiful. So jealous! When you're a consultant, and hopefully Mr. J is some big UFC star, will you please be my stylist so I don't look trashy like the Vegas playmates that fighters so often date? ;)

Also, loved learning more about you! I'm a huuuge fan of NPR and love being in the car by myself so I can listen to my heart's content. I also love Charleston and think it is one of the most beautiful cities ever.

Glad to hear your weekend went well! Thanks for the well wishes on the job front, too. I'm going back this week for another interview. I think the first one went really well and hopefully this second one will get me a job! :)

Gerri Ward said...

OMG! Thank you sooo much for mentioning me! Here's a random fact I didn't mention I luv to Hula Hoop!
Your outfit is amazing Fab and sooo are your FACTs !
p.s. I luv Linen it's my favorite material for Summer!


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