Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Shimmer Time

Hello Beauties!
So, recently I've been exploring makeup a bit more...I've always been a "just the basics" kind of girl- especially since I'd rather spend money on clothes! But, lately I've been reading TONS of makeup reviews and blogs, and it's totally inspired me to try something new!
Maybe something like this?

Anyway, since I don't really know what I like/what colours are best for me, I thought I'd try this Coastal Scents palette with 88 different shades! Yup, 88! There's no point in buying expensive brands if you don't know what you like (PS. this palette is recommended by lots of MAC lovers!)

And the reveiws of it (trust me I've read all of them, and all of their competitors too! Yes, I'm nerdy, but I like to have all the intel before I make a purchase!) are amazing- seriously, for $20, does it get any better? I got the 'shimmery' palette because I LOVE a little sparkle! It should be arriving soon and I can't wait to let you know what I think- ohh and show you some looks too!

Will DEF. be trying this one! EEEK! SO excited!!!

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Gerri Ward said...

This is FAB GLAM for real! Thanks for posting because now I have to invest in this Gorgeous Coastal Scents Palette too!:}
p.s. I luv the eye makeup, it reminds me of how Cher used to make up her eyes sooo Gorgeously FAB!

Anonymous said...

WHAAAT!!! That's way too fun, it's like paintchips on your face!!!
xoxoxo kt

Anonymous said...

K i'm so buying it right now... but i can't decide between the one you're getting and the neutral palette! haha

Anonymous said...

the shimmery colourful one!! A "retirement" present for myself ;) hahaha, I'll have to fly down so we can experiment with our new colours!
xoxoxox kt

Angela SIMIANA said...

Hey Caroline, sweetie I love the blk & white dress your wearing in the photos with your boy. Your just glowing like you always do. Have a wonderful time settling into your new place. Can't wait to see you this summer... think of all the eggwiches!! oh my!

love Angie. Xo.


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